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All You Can Eat Wings

Wings Wednesday

Wings Wednesday

Visit one of our bars that rocks wings and when you order a regular portion, all you need to do is enjoy them and you can order five more. And then top up with another five. Add a quintet on top. Keep going. All you can eat wings, just £10, or £12 if you are chowing down in one of our London bars. Good for our regular spicy buffalo chicken or our crazy-good buffalo cauliflower variety!

The Perfect Pairing

Wings Are Made For Craft Beer

Our top choice for what to drink with chicken wings? It has to be our original and flagship Punk IPA. The bitterness from the New World hops cuts through the juicy payload of the wings, cleansing your palate for the next bite – and if you love heat that same hop bitterness will boost the spice of our famous hot sauce. Plus it takes our blue cheese dip to elbows-out heaven.