The Great BrewDog Bar Hunt 2014

The Great BrewDog Bar Hunt 2014

It is back! Once again, we are turning to you, the people to help us find the next awesome BrewDog bar sites in the UK.

We now have 18 bars worldwide, including 14 in the UK, and we wouldn't have managed it without you guys. Your commitment to making the atmosphere rock, and helping us develop the concept at every turn is one thing, but you've also played a pivotal role in helping us find awesome sites. Cheers to you!

So! It's time to get the ball rolling once again, start poundng those pavements and help us track down the best new sites in the UK for us to open an epic craft beer bar. Not only will it mean you have a local BrewDog bar if you help us find a site, but we pay out £1000 as a finder's fee if your suggestion is actually used! What's not to love?!

Here's Darren, who found our site in Dundee, receiving his cheque for £1000! Cheers Darren!

We're looking for BrewDog bar sites as well as potential BottleDog (off licence store) venues.

Here's a few criteria for property we're after...

For all premises:

  • It needs to be currently on the market
  • We would consider properties available to buy or lease
  • A valid licence is a bonus, but not essential
  • A location with good footfall but not necessarily completely central. Anything slightly edgy and off pitch is cool with us!

Additional specific criteria for BrewDog Bars:

  •  The venue will ideally have previously been a bar, restaurant or retail unit, but this is not critical
  • Corner units are preferable but we will take all applications into consideration.
  • Ideally 2,000 - 5,000 Sq Ft

Target Bar Locations:

  • Scotland - Edinburgh (open to more suggestions too!)
  • North England & Midlands - York and Leicester
  • London - Brixton, Soho, Camberwell, Stoke Newington, Hackney Wick, Dalston, Wimbledon and Peckham
  • South England - Cambridge, Oxford, Reading, Norwich, Southampton, Portsmouth, Canterbury, Plymouth and Exeter

For BottleDog Sites

  • Venues need A1, A2 or A3 planning
  • Ideally 500 - 1,200 Sq Ft
  • Glasgow, Manchester and London

To recommend a venue and potentially receive £1000 as well as a brand spanking new bar landing in your local area, please submit a proposal to jhickson@brewdog.com. Proposals should include:

1) A photo of the venue (a smart phone snap is fine)

2) Hopefully a schedule from the selling agent (this can usually be downloaded from the selling agent's website)

3) Some brief information on the location and why you think it would be a good location

The deadline for submissions is 1st October 2014

General update:

Here's a quick update on some upcoming BrewDog bars while we're at it!

BrewDog Dundee

BrewDog Dundee, our fourth in Scotland and 18th worldwide, just launched last Saturday! Check it out here!

BrewDog Clapham

We've got a site, and works start this week! This will be our first bar south of the river and we're mega psyched to make it 4 in London. This bar should launch late Summer 2014.

BrewDog Brighton

We've been trying to pin down a site in Brighton for years and we're finally there! We'll have more news on this one in the coming weeks, and we're hoping to launch late August.

BrewDog Liverpool

Located on Colquitt Street, we'll be starting work soon and should launch late Summer.

BrewDog Cardiff

We're well on our way here! Stay tuned for a launch date!

And overseas?

BrewDog Gothenburg launched last month and is rocking and rolling! Coming soon, we have BrewDog Florence (or Firenze if you're Italian)  launching later this month, we're making good progress in Berlin and Helsinki and should be able to confirm the sites in the coming weeks, BrewDog Rome and BrewDog Barcelona look set to open at the end of Summer 2014, and BrewDog Bologna is set for a late 2014 opening. PHEW!

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  • Inverness
  • Lille would be a nice place to set the 1st french brewdog bar !
  • I second the vote for Prague - the craft/micro brew scene here is just starting to take off in a big way. Its got a lot of potential given the beer culture, shared by both Czechs (who have beer in their blood) and foreigners (many of which travel here specifically for the beer).
  • Amsterdam!
  • Dublin is crying out for a BrewDog bar! The market is here. Craft beer is booming.
  • Lincoln would be a great city for a bar, steep hill would be an amazing area for the bar although delivery would be pretty interesting.
  • PARIS and LYON !!!!
  • Another in Aberdeen please, west end?
  • Norwich is a great shout for a bar as its a uni town and norfolkers love their beer. With so many old buildings theyre must be a good venue there.
  • Amsterdam is the ideal destination for Brewdog
  • sooo.... when are you going to come to the Netherlands?
  • What about Prague? Theres plenty of cheap space there and czechs drink the most beer in the world (per capita).

    And it might teach brewdog a bit more about pilsners ;)

    Seems like a place to be!
  • Dublin or Oslo?
  • Belfast and Dublin. Especially Dublin, as Brewdog is already well established as a brand. Cmon over and I will buy you a beer.
  • Southend On Sea, there are many of us who love a good beer in southend an BrewDog brew some of the best in the world.
  • Inverness would be fantastic. :)
    highland fairy18.06.2014
  • Glad youre putting one in Brighton as I go there every now and then for work. BUT I really wish you could get one in Essex. Southend or Chelmsford are probably best bets!
    jwarner 18.06.2014
  • Screw Camberwell, New Cross is close enough fro Camberwell Uni and has Goldsmiths as well! Also better transport links...
  • Belfast and Dublin both wide open for decent beer and handy enough for Scotland logistics too.
  • Why no Belfast love?
    People are crying out for a craft beer revolution!
  • I was hoping for good news about Brighton when it wasnt on the wanted list. Really pleased to see it coming. I wonder where?
  • Inverness!!
  • still nothing in France ? Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Strasbourg, Aix...
  • Paris is an ideal destination for Brewdog
  • Kensal Rise!!!

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