BrewDog's newest beer bottled


We bottled our newest beer yesterday.

Tokyo is also the strongest beer we have ever made.

It is a 12% imperial stout brewed with jasmine and cranberries added in the kettle.

After fermentation we dry hop the beer with a combination of North American and New Zealand Hops.

Furthermore we then age this beer for 4 weeks on toasted vanilla French oak chips.

Only 2000 bottles were made in this initial preview batch.

You can get your paws on some here:

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S Treacy 19.02.2009 @ 2:37pm
Any idea when Tokyo will be available again, I tried it last month and think it is the best beer you have produced to date! (Although to be fair ive only tried 1 paradox variant)
Paul 25.09.2008 @ 4:12pm
I would really like to try some of this! I live in the north of England and your beer is very difficult to come by down here. Could you give us a clue as to where to get some? I have some of your Paradox in and I cannot wait to give it a go.

All the best to you - do not let them grind you down!
Sid Snyder 13.07.2008 @ 12:00am
just bought your Punk IPA while visiting
a shop way in the middle of Bum F_Egypt
Indiana and am impressed. As a home-brewer
in California, I can appreciate what goes into making a good IPA.
Paul 11.07.2008 @ 9:31pm
Brilliant interview on C4 tonight guys and what a fantastic marketing opportunity for you. Ive got my order in hopefully before you get inudated! All the best and heres to the rise of proper beer again.
Harmons 11.07.2008 @ 1:14pm
I echo the comment above. Scotlands alcohol problem is nothing to do the production of high quality products such as these. It is the irresponsible selling of low quality cider and fortified wine to children under 16 which is the problem. I am 27 and now have to carry my passport around with me because of all the nonsense this frenzy has created.

I hadnt heard of you until today - but will try to track down some of your products. And I guess all publicity is good publicity!
Friends of Brewdog 11.07.2008 @ 10:40am
Excellent guys, keep the brands coming and ignore the press. Alcohol Focus Scotland and the Portman group need to focus on volume sellers not specialist producers