Chaos Theory and Prototype Brewing

Chaos Theory and Prototype Brewing

Chaos theory is the most under-rated achievement of 20th century science. This beer can only aspire to parallel to the mathematical use of the word chaos which is at odds to the common parlance.

The universe's tendency to play dice and the resulting inherent randomness means each initial starting point is arbitrarily closely approximated by other points with significantly different trajectories and outcomes. At BrewDog, we live, breathe and die the tiny initial factors. Every single aspect of our beers means the world to us.

Forget about the Butterfly Effect and envisage the BrewDog Effect. We want to be that random, artisanal butterfly that flaps its tiny wings on the Scottish coast and causes a tornado on the other side of the world.

Underneath the random behaviour is a sense of order and pattern. In this world of order, chaos rules.

Now is the time we start to think about the BrewDog range for 2009. Based on feedback and requests from key distributors in different countries we have brewed a few prototype batches to see if any of them are good enough to make their way into the BrewDog 2009 line up.

We brewed

Chaos Theory - a 7.1% deep copper IPA with insane hops

Bad Pixie - a 4.7% wheat beer brewed with Junniper berries and Lemon Peel

Zeit Geist -  a 5.1% Black lager - taking inspiration from the Czech classics.

We want to involve you guys in helping us decide what beer we should make, it is mostly for you after all.

So you can buy a prototype mixed case here with 3 Chaos Theory, Bad Pixie and Zeit Geist for a very special price.

All our beer is available online.

You get 9 bottles delivered for £12.99 - this includes postage and packing!

Update - now out of stock

There are no labels on the beer but you can identify them by their caps

Chaos Theory - White and Red

Bad Pixie - White and Orange

Zeit Geist - White and Black

So, buy the special mixed case, cast your vote above and leave us some feedback on the beers as comments below.

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David Johnson 28.11.2008 @ 8:24pm
My vote has to be for Zeit Geist - A really tasty, really drinkable brew. I also really liked Chaos Theory, but if I had to choose which one I would most like to appear on the bar of my local pub, Zeit Geist wins due to the moderate ABV and the fact that it is completely different from the comparatively boring lagers and samey ales most pubs are filled with.
martin 27.11.2008 @ 9:25pm
Definitely the chaos. solely for the massive tropical fruit punch that i hadnt experienced in a british brew before. The zeitgiest is excellent too but the pixie comes a poor third - tasty enough but a bit insipid over the course of a whole bottle IMO.
A Benton 22.11.2008 @ 2:40am
I loved all of your prototypes, found the Bad Pixie lacking something, but both Chaos Theory and Zeit Geist were thoroughly enjoyable in every way, Zeit Geist edged it for me as I am a fan of the darker ales and really enjoyed the roasted flavours of this one.

Many thanks for getting us, the drinkers, involved
Ally Maciver 21.11.2008 @ 2:44pm
I have searched your website but cannot find much on stockists. What I would REALLY be interested in is a list of pubs that sell your beer.

Do you have such a thing?
Mark Dredge 20.11.2008 @ 8:17pm
Im choosing the Chaos Theory. Its like an awesome smack in the mouth with so much flavour from the malt and then then wallop of hops - its intoxicating, insane, interesting and I loved it. I thought the Bad Pixie was a great beer, a perfect summer quencher with hints of the sophistication of a gin and tonic. And enjoyed the Zeit Geist too, but wanted something extra from it, I kept thinking about how it could taste if brewed with some cherries added for a sweet-sourness in there too?

They are all great, top work again chaps.
andy mogg 17.11.2008 @ 11:49am
I loved all 3 beers but zeit geist was by far the best, it tasted amazing,not to stong and something that could definatley be drank at any time. I also preffered it to the harold black lager i sometimes drink when i can get hold of it.chaos theory tasted very similar to the keswick brewerys celebration ale, although i thnk your version was better as it wasnt as sweet
bad pixie was light and refreshing and would be good with bbqs in the summer but not as tasty as the other 2.
mark n 16.11.2008 @ 6:00pm
although i am huge fan of big ipas (used to live in portland) i actually think bad pixie is the best of a good bunch. the chaos theory is good but has a rather oily/buttery finish which prevents it from challenging the best of the pacific nw double ipas, and frankly renders it a little inferior to your punk ipa (without doubt the best ipa i have found since moving to scotland). zeit geist is good with its roasted malt flavour, but not as good as the hop, wheat, juniper combo which seems perfectly balanced. i suspect someone has had a bottle or two of rogues yellow snow somewhere along the line.
Magic_dave6 16.11.2008 @ 12:07pm
All three were interesting beers. The chaos theory is my style and is dangerously drinkable. The bad pixie is interesting as its an english wheat beer but with more hops than normal. The Zeit Geist stood out to me the most unusual, balanced bready roasty notes and tasty stuff.

Im going to go with the Zeit Geist as i dont think anyone in Britian makes a shwartz and i recon it could be a good seller. The reviews will be up on ratebeer next week once the site is fixed.

Chin chin

ken mcmillan 16.11.2008 @ 1:01am
I agree with the above that the 3 beers are well made. Ive chosen Chaos Theory though cos its hoppiness parries the malty sweetness expertly. Its a well balanced brew. Who cares if its stronger than average? Perfect for a Saturday night. Bad Pixie was very flavoursome but Zeit Geist - hmm - good mouthfeel but then the sensation vanishes and by the aftertaste, it seems kinda hollow. The 3 are just fab but lets not overlook Punk IPA - still the best of the lot!
Kevin Burges 15.11.2008 @ 7:32pm
Zeit Geist got my vote. Chaos Theory was second, partly because you already have IPAs pretty well covered. I’m a big fan of black lager though and ZG is a fine example.
G Dunbar 12.11.2008 @ 11:16pm
Myself and my girlfriend both agree that Zeit Geist wins! I thought I might plump for Chaos Theory as I’m a big hophead but Zeit Geist genuinely surprised me. Rich, complex, very drinkable and an excellent addition to the range. Would definitely buy.
tim dawson 09.11.2008 @ 6:39pm
excellent idea and i loved all three- id like to echo the sentiments above though, youve already proven that you know your way round the IPA, but a black lager brewed over here that tastes that good is just incredible. Vote Zeit Geist!
Peter Dillon 08.11.2008 @ 9:18pm
Let me start by saying that all three were very well crafted. However, the Zeit Geist was an excellent example of the style and I would love to see you brew that regularly. Chaos Theory was a very close second but you already brew a couple of IPAs that I love. It had a similar mouth feel as the Speedball, does Chaos Theory use the Heather honey that is used in Speedball? Bad Pixie was also very well made, just as advertised but not my bag (my wife and roommate loved it though). Great job guys, and a great idea as well. Thanks for getting us involved and for making a fantastic product.
David 06.11.2008 @ 9:53pm
Gotta be Chaos Theory for me. By far the most balanced and rounded of the three.
Darren T 04.11.2008 @ 7:03am
Zeit Geist. Definitely. You guys already do a couple of huge IPAs, but a good black lager brewed over here rather than imported from over there..? That would be something special... :)
G Dunbar 29.10.2008 @ 7:33pm
Awesome. Thats my case ordered too. Cheers guys!
David 29.10.2008 @ 9:49am
Great idea James! Thats my case now ordered. Looking forward to reviewing them soon.