Equity Punk Brew Day

Equity Punk Brew Day

On Saturday nearly 200 of our rock star shareholders joined us at our Ellon HQ as we rolled up our sleeves to brew a beer with the people whose investment made our new brewery possible. Our second annual shareholder brew day was held as a thank you to all our Equity Punk investors for believing in our little company and our mission, and also to give them a chance to design and brew a beer on our awesome new equipment.

Since Equity Punks own part of BrewDog, we felt it was only right that they should help out with all the cool things like new recipe development and also all the hard work, like making the actual beer.


We brewed an India Saison: a hoppy belgian ale with fresh orange peel, honey and crushed black pepper corns and hopped with mountains of amarillo and nelson sauvin. The beer will be ready in time to unveil at our AGM.

During the brewing down-times we indulged in an exclusive tasting session where our equity punks got to try some exciting new beers currently conditioning in tank, perfectly matched to some stellar tunes hand-picked by pirate chief Martin Dickie. James led an intimate business update and shared some top secret plans for 2013 as well as hosting a Q&A session with equity punk investors. Simcoe was also on hand to bark orders at the brewers and equity punks who knuckled down to peel oranges and weigh hops, in between beer filled pit stops and burger breaks of course!

Thanks again to all the shareholders who made it up to help out with the brew, we simply cannot wait to launch the beer at our AGM and 6th Birthday  bash on the 22nd of June. Just 40 days- let the countdown begin! It. Will. Be. Epic.

Here are the pictures of the EFP BrewDay!


Some of the ingredients.


Getting hands on with the hops.


 We needed a lot of orange peel!


 Tasting the wort straight from the kettle.


Adding the hops in the kettle.


We unveiled our new hop infuser!


James 'business' talk....there was a story about dolphins in a dream.....


 and there was some bonus beers.


The weather was nice. And by nice we mean amazing for May in north-east Scotland.


Martin's beer tasting.


Simcoe the hop pup.


Battle of the DJs - beer and music pairing! Martin v Dan. Good v Evil. You can decide which is which.......

98_620A sneak preview of AB:14 - direct from the tank.  


 Some random boxes.


Thanks to everyone who made Saturday such a great day. We had a blast and are so privileged to have such an awesome bunch of shareholders! Equity Punks Rock.

Did you attend the day? We would love to hear your feedback! Leave us a comment below.

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Ally Maciver 14.05.2013 @ 10:31pm
Ref GDouglas' comments above, I keep tweeting about a BrewJog t-shirt but I don't think the boys are taking me on....Really enjoyed the brewday, and enjoyed meeting the brewdog people too. Excellent day at a very impressive venue.
Gdouglas 14.05.2013 @ 4:48pm
Great day trip to ellon, made lots of new beer friends, the back seat of bus on way back with the bearded back seat boys was a great laugh, also met a few other like minded long distance runners, we need to start a brewdog running club and get some team Brewdog running gear!
scouper 14.05.2013 @ 1:14pm
hey, look - its me helping to make beer whilst a bit drunk! That was good fun :)
mlaws 14.05.2013 @ 12:59pm
I thought it was a great day out! Buses up were welcome, beer talk and tastings were awesome, nice food, more awesome beer to buy and drink.
Ian G 14.05.2013 @ 12:57pm
Oooh. Couldn't be there, but that hop infuser. Is that a personal version of the hop cannon ?
Philuren 14.05.2013 @ 12:39pm
Brewdog staff were very friendly and helpful, made the day even better than it was anyway. Burgers were ace :-) beer was as expected - brilliant!
JCowie 14.05.2013 @ 10:39am
Twas a fantastic day, have no complaints at all. Well done, and thanks for organising such a great event :)