BrewDog: the business that underpins the beers

BrewDog: the business that underpins the beers

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Over the last 5 years we have grown at an average of 167% per year making us both the fastest growing Food & Drinks manufacturer in the UK and the fastest growing Bar & Restaurant operator in the country too. Considering we only started 6 years ago in a derelict old garage we are pretty excited to be leading the way in not one but two completely different business sectors. Most of that growth came during a recession and during one of the worst financial meltdowns the world has ever seen.

You can read more about our business history here

We have done all this with a completely new and radically alternative business model. Equity for Punks tore up convention and turned the traditional business model on its head. Over the last few years we have not only given our investors unbelievable growth but amazing lifetime discounts, brilliant Equity Punks events and the opportunity to play a part  inand influence our business strategy.


We have done some pretty crazy things in the name of craft beer. We have stormed the Bank of England with a tank, made a beer at the bottom of the ocean and packed the world’s strongest ever beer in taxidermy. But underneath the rebellion and irreverence we have some pretty hardcore business credentials.


In May, The Sunday Times gave us an award for being the fastest growing Food & Drinks manufacturer in the UK over the last 3 years. We have grown from our humble origins to a thriving small business that employs 200 people and sells our beer to 38 different countries around the world. What started off as a dream became a reality in late 2012 as we moved into our brand new state of the art eco-brewery in Ellon.

We have the space and equipment in Ellon to seriously increase our capacity as we continue to grow our business and try to meet the huge global demand for our hardcore craft beers. We have no intention of resting on our (or anyone else’s) laurels. We are determined to continue growing our brewery and sharing our passion for great beer with as many people as we can.


Our Captain, James Watt picked up Entrepreneur of the Year for 2013 at the Scottish Business Awards. This is the 2nd time that James has picked up this award. We also won HSBC’s 2013 Global Connections Award for being the most innovative business in Scotland & the North of England.


The other side of our business is on a solid footing too. Despite only being a little over 2 years old our fledgling bar division now has 12 sites and we were named the fastest growing (and most profitable) bar & restaurant operator in the UK by the industry analysts Zolfo Cooper. Our bars are places where you can become indulged in everything that is great about craft beer. We are currently working on sites in Liverpool, Sheffield and West London as we look to give you more places to enjoy amazing beer.


Now all of these business accolades and stuff don’t really matter to us that much. Our mission is to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are: this is our beating heart and underpins everything we do, this is where our laser-like focus will always be. However, since we currently have an Equity for Punks share offering we thought we should give you guys who are considering investing a brief overview of our company from a more business focused perspective.

BrewDog Marketing Assistant

We believe that the best way to develop BrewDog and further grow our business is to have the people who enjoy our beers involved in our future. Our growth so far has been phenomenal and with that growth all set to continue we want you to share in our future success and own your very own part of BrewDog. 

Our strategy has always been to try to shorten the distance as much as possible between ourselves and the people who drink our beers; Equity for Punks is the ultimate incarnation of this philosophy.

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mark h 05.07.2013 @ 10:19pm
I invested the first time that you released the shares in efp1 and have been impressed/amased by what you guys have achieved since then. World domination is only a step away....
newequitypunk 03.07.2013 @ 9:09pm
Hi, how long after buying shares should you expect to receive log in and discount access/card for the bar? Cheers
AlastairM 03.07.2013 @ 7:18pm
North East London must be next... Come to Walthamstow!
Grahamf4 03.07.2013 @ 12:47pm
AndyC; Notts 03.07.2013 @ 11:28am
Nice work, fellas. pretty impressive stats there ;)
Daniel the Punk 03.07.2013 @ 11:19am
Nice one BrewDog! Make me rich!
Gav K 03.07.2013 @ 11:16am
Love the bars! I'm a regular at BrewDog Shoreditch, great drinking hole. Will be investing next time I swing by.
Barry London 03.07.2013 @ 8:57am
Wish I had seen you guys storm the bank of England! That's twice you've had tanks in London and I've missed it, do Equity Punks get pre warning if you are doing stunts? Would be cool to know.
interestedpunk 03.07.2013 @ 8:53am
Didn't realise your bar side of things was growing quite so fast! Hard to believe it has only been two years. Great to hear it and looking forward to Sheffield!