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Ever since they first aired, decades ago, beer adverts on TV have often portrayed getting a drink to be an arduous journey. Parched people, long distances travelled, deserts or jungles standing in the way of the hero and their pint. But it doesn’t have to be like that at all. If you live anywhere in London (that largest of urban jungles), all that now stands between you and your BrewDog fix is the simple click of a mouse.

We have partnered with Deliveroo to get beer from our London bars direct to you!

Yes, if you live anywhere within the nation’s capital you can just head to the Deliveroo homepage and enter your postcode, then scroll and click on a BrewDog bar (or BottleDog King’s Cross) to add four-pack(s) of our freshly-brewed craft beer to your basket. Checkout, and the super-speedy Deliveroo drivers will do the rest, leaving you with your feet near the front door waiting for the ultimate in craft beer convenience!

The service is live right now, and the beer will be couriered to you direct from our bars in Soho, Clerkenwell, Shepherds Bush, Shoreditch or Clapham Junction, as well as BottleDog – so pick your closest bar and order up multiples of four of any of the following – Punk IPA, Dead Pony Club, This. Is. Lager., 5AM Saint, Vagabond Pale Ale, Jack Hammer, Hardcore IPA and Cocoa Psycho! And if you select from BottleDog King’s Cross, you can dial up even more options including guest beers!

For nights in with friends, or when the British weather makes a visit to your nearest BrewDog bar as gruelling as those old-school adverts, the Deliveroo service will see everyone else do the legwork (or wheelwork) and the riches of the bar will instead come to you! Stuck late at the office? No problem! Fancy a takeaway to go with your beer? Well – there’s an idea.

Maybe you’ve just ordered a quartet of our flagship Punk IPA – so move the mouse over to Dub Jam for the epic pairing of jerk chicken, and add that to the party. Got a hankering for 5AM at 5PM? Shotgun BBQ will provide baby back ribs to marry up a perfectly roasty, caramel match. Or for something sweeter, the apt address of Brewer Street would see a Deliveroo driver pick up a salted caramel ‘biske’ cookie/biscuit hybrid to amplify all the top notes of Cocoa Psycho.

Our partnership with Deliveroo is just another way in which we are committed to getting our beer into the hands of as many craft beer fans as possible. For the moment the collaboration is London-only but hopefully we can extend the service to other Deliveroo areas in the future. In the meantime, use the comments below to let us know your go-to takeaway pairings, now that London-based BrewDog craft beer fans don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy them…

Don’t forget though, if you’re outside of the capital but still want awesome craft goodness delivered straight to your door, our online shop is a digital treasure trove of beery wonderment! And if you’re in the Big Smoke, why not order from both and get double beer? As an enlightened sage once said, “A fridge without beer is like a broken needle. Missing the point.”  Wise words.

Only 1 day left to invest in BrewDog... 

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Martin S 10.04.2016 @ 10:59am
Fantastic Idea, bring this to Aberdeen immediately! Although not sure even deliveroo can deliver to my current location in the middle of the north sea. Roll on next Wednesday!!!!!!


Martin Sullivan, EFP Referral Code R093179
Smiffy 29.03.2016 @ 7:29pm
Punk IPA + Indian Takeaway = Heaven
Chris B 29.03.2016 @ 12:43pm
Definitely getting some of this in tonight!