DIY DOG 2017

DIY DOG 2017

It has now been over a year since we released the recipe details for every BrewDog beer ever made. The response to our DIY Dog anthology was nothing short of amazing; a justification of the decision to give back to the community of homebrewers who have supported us since we mashed in for the first time in 2007. When we made the announcement we said DIY Dog was intended to be a repository rather than a snapshot; something to be expanded as we continue.

So today we are launching DIY Dog 2017 – updated with 27 new recipes.

And you can download DIYDog here.

Yes, the latest update brings the total of comprehensive homebrew-ready BrewDog recipes to 262. Each and every one detailed in a free download for you to recreate, bastardise and modify at your leisure during your homebrewing escapades. Almost all of our epic brewery team began their interest in beer by working on their own creations as homebrewers; DIY Dog is your chance to work on theirs. So what new additions have we made to the pack as part of its third iteration?

We have recent releases such as Semi-Skimmed Occultist, our small batch Vermont IPA and the victor of our own homebrewing contest, Tom Doyle’s Tropic Thunder. Also inside is the hugely popular Gin Blitz and the beer that won #ReBrewDog – Hello My Name is Ingrid. Plus if you’ve recently found yourself wanting to have a go at the style of the moment, the recipe for our New England IPA collaboration with Cloudwater is also in DIY Dog 2017!

So if you wish to take up the challenge to recreate our latest beers then you can get hold of the recipes here. We have also switched up the introduction to DIY Dog, giving you more insight into how to totally nail that brewday and a checklist of things to account for to ensure it all passes as smoothly as possible (plus, tips from our brewers as to how become a homebrewing ace along the way).

A decade in the making, DIY Dog was the summation of our desire to pass on all that we have learned, as we approach our tenth anniversary. With DIY Dog 2017 you can head back in time and resurrect your favourite from any point in our history. We firmly believe that companies who cling to their secrets for generations have it backwards; giving the people that buy your products a chance to put their own spin on them can only be a good thing, for everybody.

After all, the UK homebrewing community is a bedrock of the beer industry – inspiring and launching careers of new brewers everywhere. We know all about that – and if you’d like to know what we do, you can download DIY Dog 2017 here.

Let us know in the comments which beer you’ll be homebrewing first!

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anonymous 29.01.2018 @ 7:26pm
Any chance of the recipie for choco libre? - it's my wife's new favourite
francesco 25.03.2017 @ 3:52pm
Thanks to exist...
BrewDog Rich 24.03.2017 @ 9:05am
Dave - We wanted to leave something open to interpretation - just keep the experiments going! :)
CBNW 23.03.2017 @ 9:27pm
I love you guys do this. My first two beers were created by using your recipes, but my own ingredients (mainly because the necessary yeast or hops weren't available). It's what I like most about these types of guides. I can use them create my own and hopefully improve upon what are already some great tasting brews.
Dave 23.03.2017 @ 2:09pm
Any chance you could put the pitching times on the hops? And if whirlpool or steep etc. Had a go at a few and been disappointed with the results , but thanks ????
Kim McAllister 23.03.2017 @ 12:59pm
I love that you just give away your IP - breaking all the rules and super clever marketing into the bargain ;)

Personally I like Sink the Bismarck - and any more plans to use taxidermy in your packaging?!
Max 23.03.2017 @ 5:56am
Tks for sharing!!
Brewdog fans from China :)
jof 22.03.2017 @ 8:33pm
Excellent news. Love your support for home brewers and I cant wait to read the new tips. I want to make the Licorice Abstract. :D

What would make what you do even better for home brewers? An easier to remove label. I'd buy a lot more punk in supermarkets if I could reuse your bottles with less elbow grease!
Ged 22.03.2017 @ 2:56pm
So happy. If anything, your guys are an example of fearless. Recipes are good, but what you did is the bomb.
Rob 22.03.2017 @ 8:48am
Thanks for this!
Jobknockey 22.03.2017 @ 7:41am
Steve 21.03.2017 @ 9:28pm
Once 40 years ago I home brewed beer ???? it was shit but cheap
Punk IPA is my favourite beer the only way I would try and brew it at home is if you were going to stop brewing it
It must be impossible to home brew anything that resembles Punk IPA after I visited the brewery last week and saw the process
Vinicius 21.03.2017 @ 6:51pm
Amazing! Thank you very much for your support!
JT890 21.03.2017 @ 6:12pm
Wow, thank you for sharing!!
Martin 21.03.2017 @ 5:03pm
Can't wait to try the New England IPA, saved some yeast from the bottles for this, thanks again (and again and again)!
Alan Manley 21.03.2017 @ 4:36pm
Yet another ground-breaking release! Just keep up the good work!
Tropic Thunder is my next brew followed by $10 Shake. May then have to do the NE IPA! Brilliant!