DIY DOG v2.0

DIY DOG v2.0

Only 1 day left to invest in BrewDog…

Last month, we unveiled DIY Dog - a single document containing recipes for every BrewDog beer ever made. For free. The response was overwhelming, so we are taking it up a level. Today we are re-releasing it as DIY Dog v2.0; a project looking to the future every bit as much as the original looked back. DIY Dog v2.0 contains recipes for beers we have not even brewed yet.

The result? You can drink our beer before we do.

Download DIY Dog v2.0 here.

This is anti-corporate beer writ large; a new way of doing business. For generations, companies have fiercely protected their ‘secret’ recipes – clinging to a classified ideal, yellowing documents nervously hidden away by the founders, keys to the safe around their necks. Is it co-incidental that these same companies are the plodding remnants of another age; desperately clinging to their foundations?

For businesses born in the 21st Century it is all about sharing. Who cares about 11 herbs and spices? Here are 234 beers; our entire back catalogue and those yet to be released. All you need is a homebrew kit and you can enjoy our mango and chilli IPA Neon Overlord before we have even crushed the grain. AB:21 before AB:20 has hit the shelves. Complete the deck of Ace of Hops when only Simcoe has left the pack.

Some of the other beers we are adding as part of DIY Dog v2.0 include Ship Wreck, the four Hammer Heads, Dog E, Barrel-Aged Albino Squid Assassin, Barrel-Aged Hinterland, our new-recipe Blitz, collaborations with Deschutes and Beavertown – and many more.

DIY Dog is a repository of information – but it is much more than a still snapshot of a point in history. Instead, it is a vault to which we will spin the large wheel and access, adding more. We want it to be something we will supplement as time goes on. This is no one-shot deal, as brewing is a science and an art form continually updated – this will hold true for DIY Dog, as well.

And speaking of updates, with this second version of DIY Dog we are also renewing your chance to get hold of an exclusive single print-run hard copy of our brewing history, delivered to your home. And it will now include all of these new recipes. Yes, we are re-opening and extending the window for TopUp Dog, which is now set to run until Sunday 10th April.

TopUp Dog is the only opportunity you will have to get you hop-crusted hands on a physical copy of DIY Dog – one in which you can record your progress, spill beer on and generally keep as a personalised record of your homebrewing adventures. Every current Equity Punk who has invested in either Equity Punks 1, 2, 3 or 4 and who re-invests in Equity for Punks IV before the 10th April will qualify!

DIY Dog is an open-book exercise, passing on what we have learned over the years and documenting the milestones along the way. Now with this version 2.0 it also features those milestones we have yet to reach, and exists solely so that you have a chance to get there first…

Let us know in the comments which recipes you are most excited about having a go at re-creating - and don't forget that the voting for #ReBrewDog is still open! Check out the blog post and have your say on which old BrewDog beer we will let out of the stables for one last time...

Only 1 day left to invest in BrewDog…

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Martin Bembridge 17.04.2016 @ 9:13pm
Only just seen this topped up on the 8th April, can't wait book
anonymous 17.04.2016 @ 9:12pm
Just seen this topped up on the 8th April withour even realising can't wait for my book
Daniel S 17.04.2016 @ 6:31pm
Hey good news Mikael, I just used your code to join the Brewdog family!

If there's anyone else signing up late in the day like myself, please feel free/go ahead and use my referral code R364917 to rack up referral points for both of us also.

Cheers all!
anonymous 16.04.2016 @ 6:20pm
BrewDog. The gift that keeps on giving. Lured me in for a top up too you dastardly swines. Thanks to some of the guys in Europe for using my referral code. Much appreciated lads. I'll buy you a pint next time you come to UK. R165225 if anyone else is being generous.

Juho L 14.04.2016 @ 8:42am
I'm so glad I noticed this in time last week and re-invested, naturally with some of you guys' referral codes ;)

In case there are some late investors, feel free to use my referral code R348266 to stack up those referrals for the both of us.

Cheers from Finland!
Thomas D 10.04.2016 @ 9:56pm
Mission TopUpDog Complete! Any of you lovely chaps fancy using my code R761901 I would be most grateful!

Give us a follow on Instagram too @cratebeer
Waldemar Stocco 09.04.2016 @ 4:51pm
Incredible, it is fantastic, i love Brewdog.
Chris G 08.04.2016 @ 2:40pm
Topped up and can't wait to get the book!!
Lorenzo D 08.04.2016 @ 2:23pm
Hi Punks!

Just topped up to get in on this great opportunity! I've used SCOTT B's Referral Code, the last one who commented here.

Anyone wanting to share the (beer)love, feel free to use my Referral Code, I'll be forever grateful. I'll toast to your kindness with the first beers from the Bottlebox subscription!


Matthew M 08.04.2016 @ 1:04pm
I just reinvested again and used Lorenzo D's code as it was top of this list, if anyone would be so kind, mine is R079994
Scott B 07.04.2016 @ 6:26pm
Awesome, I obviously cannot read..

Anyone looking for a referral code to use mines is R151924
PHILIP I 07.04.2016 @ 5:39pm
Just topped up so as to secure a hardcopy of DIY Dog v1 using P P's referral code. If anyone wants to top up for the v1 bk then please feel free to use my referral code R076430. Thanks...
Brett S 07.04.2016 @ 3:56pm
If anyone needs a referral code for topping up - R239154
Gus bramble 07.04.2016 @ 3:38pm
What more can I say , except thankyou !
Fabio Andreotti 07.04.2016 @ 2:21pm
Amazing!!!!! Cool!!!!
BrewDog Johnny 07.04.2016 @ 11:38am
Hey Scott

Anyone who was topped up in the #TopUpDog window (which is open till April 10th) will get all of the recipes from v1.0 and v2.0 in their printed copy! :)
JonM 07.04.2016 @ 11:35am
Bottled Paradox Islay - best news of 2016 to date!!!

Also psyched about AB:20 - bring it on.
Scott 07.04.2016 @ 11:19am
That sucks, I topped up Tuesday 5th, will i get V1.0 or V2.0?
Eranio 07.04.2016 @ 11:17am
CANNOT wait to try Dog E this weekend at PunkAGM2016
RBF 07.04.2016 @ 11:11am

Neon Overlord?! Amazing...

Got to try some homebrewed versions next to the launches when they happen!
Andy VDM 07.04.2016 @ 11:09am
OH MY DOG! This is incredible!