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For a city that celebrates a night out like no other, we reveal our very first DogHouse. Glasgow was the obvious choice for our new mega-hub for everything BrewDog; since 2011 our Kelvingrove bar has been a centrepiece of the city’s craft beer scene and we have long wanted a second location for Scotland’s biggest city. Well this Saturday 31st October, from 12pm, we have just that.

DogHouse has arrived.

We are tearing up the Merchant City in true BrewDog style – leading with amazing food but also celebrating the majesty of beer at every turn. DogHouse majors in insanely good old-time barbecue food; we have worked with the award-winning butcher Aubrey Allen to carefully source all of the meat that Martin and our kitchen crew then cook low and slow in our custom-made wood-fired smokehouse.

From 12pm-11pm every day, DogHouse will be serving up US-inspired barbecue dishes such as North Carolina-style Lexington pulled pork and Texas brisket (with classic salt n’ pepper dry rub). The ‘hot gut’ smoked sausage is made especially for us by our suppliers, and the Big Bad Beef Rib comes rosemary-brushed with a sticky molasses glaze that takes the flavour to incredible new levels!

Like all our bars, DogHouse has super-fresh craft beer as a cornerstone – but on this corner of the Merchant City it runs through every aspect of the site. Pair it with the barbecue food on offer (Five AM was practically made for ribs), enjoy it in the 25-tap bar alongside – filled with a cutting-edge list of BrewDog and guest draft beer – or buy it to go from the attached BottleDog.

If you need to head home, then BottleDog is the place to pick up something to enjoy once you make it back – or, if you fancy sticking around that little bit longer, anything can be purchased from the BottleDog and opened on site. Found that extra-special beer to go with your food, or want to pop a cap with company? Head next door, and the choice is yours!

If the famed Glaswegian weather co-operates, DogHouse also has a spacious external seating area – feel free to head outside and take in the vibes as well as the rays! Indoors you’ll find a welcoming range of booths and long communal tables, plus a fairly unique terraced seating area between the bar and BottleDog.

DogHouse Merchant City opens at 12pm this Saturday and will thereafter open its doors from 10am every day of the week, focusing on artisan coffee from home-town roasters Dear Green. The awesome barbecue food will then be served 12pm-11pm each and every day. Head on down and say Hi to Sam and her amazing team!

DogHouse is a game-changer for BrewDog – and for Glasgow. The city has a fantastic craft beer scene and we can’t wait for this weekend to take it to another level in Scotland’s biggest city!

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BrewDog Rich 05.11.2015 @ 3:50pm
Richard - It's bookings for tables of 8 or more. Under that number, just rock up!
Richard M 05.11.2015 @ 11:02am
Is it possible to book a table or is it walk up only ?
BrewDog Rich 29.10.2015 @ 6:56pm
Rebecca - Great question! We welcome tiny humans before 8pm and we have high-chairs and baby changing facilities in DogHouse for the little ones.

Christopsy - Let us know how it compares :)
Chris H 29.10.2015 @ 5:10pm
ANNNNND all I gotta say is Eastern NC BBQ is so much better than Lexington style... but will look forward to comparing how your version compares to the original..
Rebecca 29.10.2015 @ 5:02pm
Do you guys allow children in at all? Desperate to try the food, but have a tiny human we can't leave. Thanks.
BrewDog Rich 29.10.2015 @ 2:56pm
Jenny - The beetroot dish pictured in the post there is particularly tasty!

Traditionalist - Is barbecue ever served on plates? Paper plates, maybe. In all seriousness, we prefer trays as it speeds things up and helps people get their food faster :)

Nitin - Stay tuned...
Jenny 29.10.2015 @ 2:41pm
Hoping for some veggie/vegan eating options!
The Traditionalist 29.10.2015 @ 2:36pm
What have all these new eating places got against plates?
Jessie 29.10.2015 @ 1:06pm
Is that the brisket? WANT
Nitin 29.10.2015 @ 12:33pm
Cannot wait for Soho. Keep them coming :)
Nick 29.10.2015 @ 11:58am
Marcus G 29.10.2015 @ 11:53am
More barbecue. Keep it coming, it really looks amazing. More barbecue
Neil 29.10.2015 @ 11:16am
Looks fantastic guys - can't wait to check it out at the weekend!