The perfect partnership and the ultimate relationship; anyone with a canine companion in their home knows all too well how dogs take over your life. And so they should. Dogs are awesome. We have placed pups at the centre of our company ever since Bracken, the original BrewDog, oversaw James and Martin’s first adventures in homebrew well over a decade ago. He was also the inspiration behind Subwoofer IPA – our healthy new beer for dogs. And we have now gone a (paw) step further.

Today sees the launch of the greatest mixed case ever. Punk IPA (for you) and Subwoofer IPA (for your pup), together at last.

You can buy Just the Two of Us pack online here.

For too long whilst you enjoy a Punk IPA, your faithful friend has had to make do with water. No longer – at BrewDog we don’t believe humans should have all the fun. With this new mixed case featuring a bottle of Punk and a bottle of Subwoofer, it can be IPA all round. Those cosy nights in by the fire with your four-legged life partner just got a whole lot more amazing.

For you – our post-modern classic layered with new world hops to create an explosion of tropical fruit and grapefruit before a spiky, bitter finish.

For them – a dog-friendly beer with a malt backbone and a citrus overtone but with a meaty baseline that ensures they’ll go back for another gulp.

Subwoofer is alcohol-free, hop-free, non-carbonated and 100% delicious for our canine companions. It is also made with the same malted barley and Scottish brewing water that go into Punk IPA – so you can both get the best of our brewhouse. Your pal will also benefit from added B Vitamins and probiotics to promote general and gut health – tasty and nutritious hydration for them, from us.

Punk IPA was born out of our desire to create an alternative to the status quo and Subwoofer IPA follows exactly the same principal. They are both crafted to stand out from the crowd. Dogs are integral to our company and a way of life of many of our crewmembers – if you feel the same way then from now on we have got your back; and the back of your ‘fur-iend’ for good measure.

With the Just the Two of Us pack, you’ll never have to drink alone again.

Spending Valentine’s Day with your best bud? We’ve got you! Head to any UK BrewDog bar on 14th February and if you buy a pint of Punk IPA for you, we’ll give you a bottle of Subwoofer IPA for them, for ‘fur-ee’!

You can buy the Just the Two of Us pack online here.

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