Lichtenstein Pale Ale

Lichtenstein Pale Ale

We love art and we like to consider ourselves to be liquid artists when we are feeling overly sentimental, nonchalant and pretentious (which is always just before our bottling machine breaks down). The whole team were understandably pretty excited when the awe inspiring TATE Modern asked if we wanted to work with them to brew a special beer to mark the launch of their current Lichtenstein exhibition there. Damn right we wanted to.


The TATE Modern team even came up and helped us brew the beer. The label yet features original Lichtenstein artwork and is quite possibly the coolest beer label on the planet. The beer is available to buy at The TATE Modern in bottles and on tap in all BrewDog Bars.

Roy Lichtenstein is regarded as one of the best American artists of the twentieth century and is renowned for his works based on comic strips and advertising imagery, coloured with his signature hand-painted Benday dots.


Here are details of the Lichtenstein exhibition at the TATE 

The beer itself is a 5.1% rye pale ale loaded with cascade and centennial. A quintessentially American pop art inspired ale.



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