If you’re a beer fan that loves a multitude of different flavours in your tasting glass, then this week we have a couple of releases that will have your bottle opener in overdrive. Each beer has a series of distinct elements coming to the fore; from smoky whisky casks repatriated from Scotland’s most famous distilling isle to the tart juiciness of sour cherries. If you love taking your tastebuds for a high-intensity workout, then this brand-new duo are two beers to truly savour.

Yes, it’s #MashTag and Paradox time.

#MashTag 2016

You can buy #MashTag 2016 here

First up, we have the result of one of the most eagerly-awaited launches on the entire BrewDog calendar. The first vote was logged almost three months ago to the day, and ever since the thousands of you who took the time to partake in our beery ballot have looked forward to the time when voting and waiting finally give way to sampling. Well, the fourth iteration of our crowd-sourced beermaking project is now live in our online shop - #MashTag 2016 is go!

A 10.5% Triple IPA hopped with Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo and aged on oak chips and sour cherries, this year’s #MashTag has layers of aroma and flavour, right from the moment the cap leaves the bottle. Marty Breslin’s winning design guards a cherry, pine and tangerine aroma with a taste of red fruits, plum brandy and a riot of citrus before the hugely dry finish gives way to a hit of alcohol and a lasting – and growing – sourness on the far aftertaste.

Paradox Islay

You can buy Paradox Islay here

The other beer going live today is quite simply one of the most important beers in our history. And that’s not hyperbole; this particular beer predates BrewDog itself. We have gone on to produce many barrel-aged beers over the years, but the very first one that we created – in Martin’s garage – was Paradox Islay. It was one of the beers that legendary writer Michael Jackson cast his learned eye over, immediately prior to his exclamation that James and Martin open their own brewery.

So as you can imagine, it is a beer we are hugely fond of. It returns our Paradox series to its roots; rich roasty malt flavours of coffee and dark, bitter chocolate combine with the intense whisky notes of peaty smoke and a lasting espresso character. Full bodied and hugely full of character – at 15% abv it remains the perfect fireside sipper for those long days of summer that turn instead into cold, wet evenings.

These twin milestones in liquid form have broken cover and are live in our online shop right now and will be in our UK bars on draught from 6pm tonight, Thursday 23rd June. Head along to your nearest BrewDog bar and have your tastebuds report back via the comments below!

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BrewDog Rich 28.06.2016 @ 9:50am
JonM - Tasting note of the year. Glad you enjoyed!
JonM 28.06.2016 @ 2:12am
The finest Paradox? Profound. Reliably changes the most humdrum day into a lasting memory. Almost too fulfilling to share. I imagine this is how the founders feel about Death or Glory, but I've yet to try that.

Very few drinks of any variety get anywhere close. Maybe Black Bowmore, maybe great vintages of La Mouline or La Tâche, maybe Ardbeg 1974 or Springbank local barley 1966. This is certainly a fleeting quality experience that will seldom be matched.

Milk chocolate alternates with hard juice licorice for the first 30 seconds, then a peppery sparkle (whether the beer is from keg or flattened), then more licorice and black coffee for as long as you want to hold it. Harmonious and bitter embers last more than two minutes after the beer.

Transcendent. A thousand thanks.
Pete H 24.06.2016 @ 11:59am
Paradox Islay. It's what we've been waiting for .....
Alan E 23.06.2016 @ 8:03pm
Tried the Mashtag 2016 today and really enjoyed it... there is a definite hit from the cherries, which is a welcome highlight, but hey! it's a triple IPA so that for me is the over-riding attraction and together, it all works very well indeed ... very glad I bought 6 of these :)

... will save the Paradox Islay to cheer up a wet, miserable summer's evening soon!
Max 23.06.2016 @ 5:45pm
Liking the look of the Mashtag!
NelsonMuntz 23.06.2016 @ 2:52pm
Going to be looking forward to trying the mashtag to see how cherry-like it is!