Here at BrewDog we take great pride in the food offered in our bars – and we are also proud that over half of all options on the BrewDog bar food menu are vegetarian, with over one quarter being vegan. With 95% of BrewDog beers being suitable for vegans we work around the clock to ensure we cater for all in a way which does both beer and food justice. We believe in bold flavours in our beer – and we believe in bold flavours in our food.

Whether meat, veggie or vegan.

All of our bars rock hunger-busting meat-free options such as our Hail Seitan burger, our epic Clucky This Time southern-fried alternative and our mighty Buffalo Cauliflower burger. If pizza is your jam then our wild mushroom, courgette and pine nut pizza – named The Hero – is one to go for, plus we have three veggie pizzas keyed around goat’s cheese, halloumi and ricotta. For a lighter lunch our superfood salad made either veggie or vegan is guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

This decision to offer a menu with over 50% as vegetarian or vegan options was one made with our community of shareholders and our customers. Because our Equity Punks are involved in everything we do, we invite them to work with us to design menus for our bars (just one of the reasons that we thank them with a lifetime discount on their choices). Also we offer Vegan Mondays where all vegan and veggie main courses are 2-for-1, all day!

We are also delighted to share our new food philosophy, which is now printed on the front of our menus. We proudly serve farm-to-table junk food in our bars and can trace each ingredient back to the source. We take as much care about this as we do when preparing them. As beer lies at the centre of everything we do, every item on our menu is designed to pair with our craft beer – and many feature beer as part of the dish. Recommendations are printed on our menus; you can also ask one of our Cicerone-trained bar crew for their beer and food tips!

Here is our new food philosophy:-

1. We Serve Farm to Table Junk Food.

We care about where our ingredients come from and can trace all ingredients in our food back to the source.

2. Beer is the soul of everything we do.

Our food is designed to pair amazingly well with our beers and beer is also vital ingredient across our menu.

3. We champion the alternatives.

Over half of our options are vegetarian, and 25% are vegan. Just like out beer range which is 95% vegan.

4.  We believe in bold flavours.

We believe in bold flavours in our beer, and we believe in bold flavours in our food.

Our bar crews work incredibly hard to make every visit an amazing one, and we love them for it. With this new philosophy and dedication to vegetarian and vegan options we are making sure as many people as possible can find something they love in their local BrewDog Bar. That is what we stand for.

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