We’ve reached the final stage of our quartet of videos on the basic building blocks of beer – and this last instalment features the work of a microscopic organism to which every brewer owes their livelihood. It’s no exaggeration to say that yeast has changed the shape of human history; even as our ancestors harnessed its power to bake and brew, without really knowing what it was. These days, we have the magic of science to tell us exactly how the cells do their crucial work.

Well, and a mini-Martin.

The last in our series of collaboration videos pitches Martin into a petri-sized environment, scored by the amazing sounds of our friend and LA-based musician Tony Beliveau. Tony hit the studio to compose four distinct pieces of music themed around each of the fundamentals of beer, and you can check out the previous three here on the BrewDog website - Water, Malt and Hops.

Tony’s music in this, the final video, is a fitting send-off for the billions of yeast cells that work hard in our brewhouse on a daily basis. All hail the mighty yeast.

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YeastyMcYeastFace 09.08.2016 @ 12:37pm