#Mashtag 2014 Day 5: Round Up & The Label Challenge!

#Mashtag 2014 Day 5: Round Up & The Label Challenge!

That's it! The votes are in, the polling is over, and we have our beer!

You have chosen, in your thousands, a 9% ABV imperial red ale, hopped with a mix of Amarillo, Motueka and Mittelfruh to 65 IBU, and the added twist of...

Blood orange, orange peel and lemon peel!

6000 votes were cast - incredible! Here's the breakdown:

Oak chips and chillies - 30.6%

Blood orange, orange peel and lemon peel - 41.1%

Beetroot and coffee berries - 28.3%

The votes were much closer in the twist round, and at one point, beetroot and coffee berries were in the lead. Will has found it hard to contain his disappointment...


Every day this week we've given you three options and asked you to vote on which you want to see as a new BrewDog beer. We've seen some landslide victories, and a staggering >36,000 votes placed! Here's how it panned out:

Monday: Beer style - red ale


Tuesday: Malt bill - 9% imperial red with copious speciality malts and black malt


Wednesday: Hops - global hop mix at 65 IBU


Thursday: Twist - blood orange, orange peel and lemon peel


Friday: Label

Now that we know what's going in the beer, it's time to decide what's going around it too - it's the label design challenge!

Whether you're a coffee-mainlining, Pantone-book-carrying graphic designer, or someone who just likes to put pen/pencil/paintbrush/potato stamp to paper, we want to see what you think should adorn our shiny new bottles of imperial red ale.

Our labels are 177mm wide by 87mm high, and if you win, we may ask you to tweak a couple of elements to ensure we can get all the important information on, but otherwise just let your imaginations run riot! We can't wait to see your awesome stand-out designs!


Here's last years #Mashtag label, which was designed by Rob MacKay, and you can check out the 2013 shortlist too for a little inspiration.

The deadline for entries is midnight on Sunday 23rd March. Send your entries via one of the following means:

- Email it to sarah(@)brewdog(.)com (9MB file size limit),
- Tweet them to us @BrewDog (include #MashtagLabel in the tweet)
- or send them as a message on Facebook

...and we'll select a shortlist, before asking you to vote just one last time to decide the winner, who'll receive a box of BrewDog goodies, and a couple of cases of #Mashtag 2014 (when it's ready). We'll also keep you updated in the coming weeks on how your awesome new beer is coming along!


Thanks for voting, and taking part in designing the most democratic beer ever!


Some technical stuff for the label design...

- Where possible, send your initial entry in as a jpeg, 1240 x 610 pixels at 100dpi.

- Keep a vector or high res version, as we'll need to print at full size in CMYK colour.

- If you're designing a label the old fashioned way, on real life no-foolin' paper, be sure to keep the hard copy, as we may need to scan at a higher resolution for the final label artwork that we send to the printers.

- If you don't know what any of this means, email rob(@)brewdog(.)com, or drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook, and we'll do our best to help.

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BrewDogRob 17.03.2014 @ 10:51am
@caioYup, send as many as you want, as long as our office doesnt end up looking like Uncle Vernons living room.
caio 15.03.2014 @ 4:37am
can i send more than 1 option?
hindoo 14.03.2014 @ 2:31pm
Oddly enough only women have been chosen...who knows if it s really a democratic decision or a trick . A nice girl is more appealing ...especially the last one :D
Will 14.03.2014 @ 11:42am
Im up for #WheresWill anytime. You know where to find me... or not ;)
Harry h 14.03.2014 @ 10:33am
Dah, so close! Wanted the coffee berries but blood orange sounds good too!
ArtyParty 14.03.2014 @ 10:32am
Right, time to get the crayons out!
RHC 14.03.2014 @ 10:27am
So when does #WheresWill replace #BrewPix?
Freya T 14.03.2014 @ 10:15am
YES! All my votes! Go ladies!!