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What goes into our brews?

At BrewDog we use techniques and processes that are at the cutting edge, but we are nothing without a quartet of fundamentals; malt, hops, yeast and water. These cornerstones of brewing are our building blocks. They are ever-present. To make great beer you have to dial these in from the start, and balance them as you go.

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The most fundamental of them all

The power it exerts on beer is down to chemistry and the resulting water profiles shaped the brewing industries of entire countries. At BrewDog we harness pure Scottish water to be the bedrock of our craft beer.

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If water is the bedrock then malt is the backbone

The first stage of any brewday is to let these two meet; the resultant mash exposes starches in the grain that are converted into sugars. Malt – a catch-all for malted barley, wheat, rye, oats and other cereals we use – is our power source.

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Without hops the world would be a much bleaker place

They are the complex, pivotal components of craft beer that are the reason your beer is bitter, citrusy, piney or fruity. We travel the earth, in person, to source the best quality hops for our craft beer. Without hops we are nothing.

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Finally - And more truthfully the real ingredient without which we are nothing

This astonishing micro-organism takes the sugars from malt and converts them into alcohol, leaving a distinctive flavour profile behind. Our yeast is our brewery, it’s as simple as that.