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In 2020 we reduced our own emissions by 35% per litre of beer. We did this by switching to renewable energy, cutting air travel and using electric delivery vehicles. What we can’t reduce, we double offset through the very best planting schemes with trusted partners around the world.

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We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions. What we can't reduce, we offset, which means we take twice as much carbon out of the air as we emit. For more information on our mission, take a look at our annual sustainability report.

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Lost Forest

In 2020, we purchased a 9,308 acre plot of land in the Scottish Highlands. In 2022 we begin planting our own trees on this land, embarking on one of the largest reforestation and peatland restoration projects the UK has ever seen.

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Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Water is one of the most precious resources and the supply is under increasing pressure. But, we won’t waste a drop — an anaerobic digester bio-plant that turns our waste brewery water into pure H2O and biomethane to be re-used is set to be operational in 2022!