The Charter

Our daily mission, defined

We Bleed Craft Beer

For all of us at BrewDog, craft beer is more than something to be enjoyed on a Friday night when the week has come to an end. It is a way of life. If you had to distil this point into a single word, it would be passion. The enthusiasm for being involved in this industry, and for delivering the greatest levels of service and beer quality is inherent in everything that we do, each and every day of the week. Including Friday nights. And that won’t ever change.

We Are Uncompromising

Feeding into that is the tireless quest to maintain and then improve the quality of the end product. The most obvious final stage of that is the beer that you drink – which is why we have expanded our Quality team and built our new incredible sensory suite and don’t let anything leave the Brewhouse unless it’s met our strict set of parameters. But it also relates to everything else we do – hiring the right people, giving them the incredible, tailored training, and not letting anything have our name on it that isn’t utterly amazing.


We Blow Shit Up

This is all about determination and desire. People who work here at BrewDog highlighted the ambition that all of us share – to do the absolute very best, and then keep on doing it. And then to do it better. To ship the most beer we ever have in a month. To welcome people into our bars, whichever set of doors it is they happen to walk though. It’s about spirit. We don’t accept second best because there isn’t an alternative to how we do things.


We Are Geeks

We’re not embarrassed to admit that we go deep down into the lore of craft beer. Into the science, the detail. To make other people as passionate about craft beer as we are, first we need to know as much as we can – to become beer-soaked sponges (as it were), absorbing and ingesting as much knowledge as we can. And then we pass it on. Helping others understand everything, from the basics to the in-depth minutiae, we are proud to share what we know at every stage.


Without Us, We Are Nothing

It all comes back to our people. But as well as those that work directly for us, everything we do is for the craft beer fans that get to enjoy the products of our labours. In coming to work every day, we want to ensure that our beer can be enjoyed by any and everybody – and in so-doing, make our bars and bottle shops as inclusive as possible. It’s not just a great industry to be a part of, it is a great community as well.


So what’s the point in all this? How do we use The BrewDog Charter?

To inform our decision making. To recruit the perfect people, the 1%. The people who believe what we believe. To assess people’s performance, to train and develop ourselves and each other. To spot the best talent from within and outside BrewDog and develop those people into informed, passionate, ass-kicking craft beer guardians.

We’ll drink to that!