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The BrewDog Blueprint


This is the BrewDog Blueprint - a roadmap for our crew and community, setting out the future of our business. It’s not a set of nice ideas sitting at the bottom of a to-do list. It’s a firm commitment, built on our three foundational pillars:  Beer, People and Planet.

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BrewDog is now more than 25% owned by our team and Equity Punk community. James shared 5% of BrewDog with the team directly from his shareholding, putting almost £100m into the hands and pockets of the people who matter most to us.

Our radical new Employee Ownership Programme ensures we fully recognise the hard work and talent our team put into making BrewDog what it is. Over 4 years, the shares each employee receives are worth around £120,000. 

Properly lifechanging stuff.

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BrewDog Transparency Dashboard

Honesty is not enough. We strive for radical transparency. We’re launching the BrewDog Transparency Dashboard to share the latest information on our employer score, our carbon footprint, our headcount, our tree planting initiatives, and what beers we have in our tanks. Know what we’re up to, while we’re up to it.

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The BrewDog Alumni Club

BrewDog is powered by people. And beer. And dogs. But mostly, it’s about the people. Over the years, we’ve worked with a legion of legendary crewmates. To celebrate our 15th birthday, we’re creating The BrewDog Alumni Club – a programme to celebrate and honour our former employees.