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We know that our carbon is our responsibility. It's why we've committed to removing as much carbon as we can from our process.

We use renewable solar energy, 99% plastic free packaging and our online deliveries are now carbon neutral. We also offset through the very best planting schemes worldwide and are working on our very own BrewDog 'Lost Forest'.

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Every year, we diligently calculate our emissions, and release the details in our MEGA report. We also aren’t ones to mark our own homework, so we’ve also been third-party accredited by Positive Planet for the past 2 years and are aiming to achieve this again for 2023. We count all our carbon – scopes 1, 2 and 3 - and invest heavily in reducing and removing emissions wherever possible. Read all about it in our latest MEGA report.

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In 2020, we purchased a 9,308 acre plot of land in the Scottish Highlands. In 2023 we begin planting our own trees on this land, embarking on one of the largest reforestation and peatland restoration projects the UK has ever seen.

Our Positive Planet accreditation certificate shows slightly different emissions totals versus our MEGA report 4.0. This is because a handful of calculations were adjusted after the report was released, and will be integrated and updated in the next annual report.