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Are you looking for a perfect place to host a party, a corporate event, or special occasion?

DogTap Brisbane has the space that will meet all of your needs and more, overlooking the scenic Brisbane river. With multiple areas available, we'll make sure your next event is taken to the next level!

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Book a table inside our epic taproom. DogTap is the ultimate temple of craft beer! Our bar with 28 taps is ready to pour our favourite beer fresh from our brewing tanks. Choose from a range of different areas and table settings to suit your party. Enjoy a beer, grab a game of pinball and tuck into our mouth-watering food menu.

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Book a space on our incredible patio! With views of the tranquil Brisbane River, with the Gateway Bridge looming overhead, the atmosphere cannot be beaten. With multiple seating areas, in both sun and shade, itโ€™s the perfect spot to enjoy our food and drink offerings with friends.