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Notre culture

Bière artisanale, notre raison d'être

Nous accomplissons notre mission en brassant, en découvrant et en vantant les mérites de la véritable bière artisanale, et chaque jour, nous accueillons de nouveaux partisans. Mais même s'ils sont de plus en plus nombreux, nous resterons toujours fidèles à nos racines, défendrons toujours l'artisanat et nous engagerons à défendre et à répandre la passion de la bonne bière. Pour que personne ne soit plus jamais obligé d'avaler une bière infecte. Plus. Jamais.

Notre histoire

Lorsque nous avons créé BrewDog, notre principale mission était de partager notre passion pour la bière artisanale avec le monde. Et cela reste notre première mission aujourd'hui.


We are so committed to reducing our carbon emissions, we have set some PUNCHY reduction targets (find out more detail in the MEGA Report). We want to remove more carbon than we emit, so what we can't reduce, we remove through investment in carbon removal projects. Basically, that means every time someone buys a BrewDog beer, the world gets less carbon. Good, right?


The BrewDog dogmas are the framework for how we deliver our ambitious and audacious plans and lead our amazing team.

Certifié B-Corp

B Corps are a global community of businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance and public transparency to help build a better world.

Independent Culture Review

BrewDog is committed to being a great employer. There is work we need to do but we are on that journey; we are listening, we are learning and, importantly, we are taking action.

Work for Us

We're always on the lookout for great people who want to join us on our epic journey of making people as passionate about beer as we are. Check out our current vacanices.


Hello! Equity for Punks Tomorrow is now closed. We raised a grand total of £30.2 million with every penny dedicated to high-impact sustainability initiatives. Thanks to the 73,802 people who invested in our last ever raise.

We’re no longer accepting applications to buy shares,