DogTap Ellon


With ten taps, our onsite bar opened in 2014, and sits in the shadow of our giant external fermenters, separated from the brewkit by a single glass door. What better way to enjoy BrewDog beer than in the place it was created; where you can smell the hops emanating from your glass and the brewery at the same time? There’s more, though. Nestling inside DogTap, like a Russian doll, is a BottleDog – so you can also grab bottled and canned brews to take away, as well as the latest BrewDog merchandise. DogTap is located at the BrewDog Brewery in Ellon. Number 67 & 68 buses run regularly from Aberdeen city centre to Ellon Park & Ride which is a short, thirst-inducing, walk away.

in the kitchen
Monday   11:00 AM   -   10:00 PM
Tuesday   11:00 AM   -   10:00 PM
Wednesday   11:00 AM   -   10:00 PM
Thursday   11:00 AM   -   10:00 PM
Friday   11:00 AM   -   12:00 AM
Saturday   10:00 AM   -   12:00 AM
Sunday   10:00 AM   -   10:00 PM