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Travel freely between BrewDog bars. Collect stamps. Earn prizes. Start asking people if they fancy a pint down their local Embassy. This is Beer Visa 3.  

 It all started with the Intergalactic Beer Visa, where collecting up to 40 stamps by visiting different BrewDog bars would unlock increasingly valuable prizes. Then we cranked things up a notch with Beer Visa 2.0, with new challenges and fresh prizes. And now we have Beer Visa 3, with a whopping 100 stamps to collect to win anything from a free beer in a BrewDog bar to a stay in a BrewDog hotel. 

 Apply for your Visa by visiting any BrewDog Embassy (fine, bar) and asking one of our immigration officers (fine, crew) to help you. Order a beer and collect your first stamp while you’re there. And remember, you’re not bar hopping. You’re well travelled.

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The Prizes

Very few people have visited 100 BrewDog bars. Fewer than have climbed Everest and way fewer than have managed to cook the correct amount of pasta for one person. So you could visit them all just for the challenge. Or you could visit them to win a load of beery prizes. Your call. 

Our awesome bar crew will be able to stamp off each of these benefits as you claim them.

Collect 5 stamps:
$5 off your tab

Collect 10 stamps:
Get a free side

Collect 15 stamps:
Free small plate

Collect 20 stamps:
Free main meal

Collect 30 stamps:
Two mains and two sides

Collect 40 stamps:
$40 bar gift card

Collect 60 stamps:
$40 bar gift card & t-shirt

Collect 80 stamps:
$60 online shop gift card

Collect 100 stamps:
First 3 people: free night in hotel.
Everyone else: $100 online shop gift card.

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Q: How do I claim my Beer Visa 3.0 rewards?
A: When in bar you’ll be able to claim prizes for - 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 stamps. Just show off your book to the team, they’ll stamp the prize box and give you your prize and a high five!

The bigger numbers and prizes can be claimed for 40, 60, 80 and 100 stamps. Just show off your stamps to the bar team who will stamp the prize box for you and then by contacting our Beer Visa 3.0 team - [email protected] - They will keep a log of who claimed what and sort out your prize.

Please note this email is for prize claims only. If you have any queries regarding Beer Visa 3.0, please head to the Customer Service page of

Q: Do all stamps count towards prizes?
A: Great question! All bar, outpost and hotel stamps count towards the beery prizes. Any event stamps such as AGM, EGM or others will not contribute towards prizes. But we do have a section of the Visa for you to collect these and show off to your pals.

Q: Do I have to have different stamps to get prizes?
A: Yes – We know you love to visit your BrewDog local often, but only one stamp from each site will count.

Q: I visited loads of bars with the Intergalactic Beer Visa and Beer Visa 2.0 - Will this count toward my Beer Visa 3.0 prizes?
A: As much as we love time travel, we will not be able to accrue any past visits in the new visa. Prizes can only be claimed when stamps are collected in the new Beer Visa 3.0 book.

Q: Can I claim prizes more than once?
A: Each of our tiered rewards for stamps, listed on pages 6 and 7, are redeemable just once. This is the first time we’ve offered prizes for over 40 stamps, so get those visits booked!

Q: I used to see my badges online, have you got rid of this?
A: We have moved back end sites and therefore the digital bar badges are no longer on site. But if you claimed any challenge badges during the Intergalactic Beer Visa, those will now appear on your Planet BrewDog profile.

Q: I was at a bar but forgot my Beer Visa 3.0, can I still claim?
A: Unfortunately you’ll need to get those stamps to get the prizes! Otherwise our staff will have no way of confirming you’ve visited those bars.

Q: Can I still claim my Intergalactic Beer Visa and Visa 2.0 prizes?
A: Unfortunately both of the previous Visa books are now expired, you can still collect stamps in them for bragging rights, but the prizes are no linger claimable in our bars.

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100 Club

This is the 100 Club – Have you claimed 100 different stamps across the three BrewDog beer Visas? If so, you’re eligible to join this exclusive club. As a member, you'll score some seriously cool merch and of course, earn those ultimate bragging rights.  

To join the 100 Club, simply reach out to the Beer Visa team with proof of your 100 different stamps, and we’ll hook you up with your club member items. Plus, if you’re closing in on that 100th stamp and know exactly where you'll be collecting it, drop us a line, and we'll do our best to have your 100 Club merch bundle waiting for you at the bar!