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If you have not found the answer you are looking for below, or you need any additional help, please contact us via email below. We aim to respond to all queries within two working days (please note our helpdesk is open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding National Holidays). 


General Questions: [email protected] 

Online Orders: [email protected] 

PR Inquiries: [email protected] 

EFP Questions: [email protected] 

Bar & Hotel Reservations: Pease access the bookings page 




I have questions about BrewDog’s non-alcoholic beers specifically, where can I find answers about nutrition and more?  

Check out more information about our famous non-alcoholic beers here. Can't find the answer your looking for? Take a look at our NA specific FAQ page for more answers on how we brew, calorie and carb content, and more. 


Is your beer safe for pets? 

Unfortunately, our beer/non-alcoholic beer products are not created for our furry friends. 


I believe I have a quality issue with my beer. Who can I contact?  

We take the quality of our products very seriously and reports like yours help us to ensure it is holding up in the wild, please email us at [email protected].  





Where can I find BrewDog beer?  

BrewDog beer can be purchased at one of our bar locations around the country or at many participating retailers. Use our beer finder here for more information. Select non-alcoholic beers can be purchased directly from our website.  BrewDog no longer sells alcoholic beer, cider or merchandise on its website for direct-to-consumer shipping.


Can I buy a keg? 

Yes! We offer keg rentals from our DogTap location in Canal Winchester. For further information and to arrange getting a keg, please call DogTap at (614) 908-3051 and speak with one of our crew! If they are unable to answer, please leave a message with your name, number, and the beer you were hoping to get, and they will return your call when they are able! 


If you live outside of the Columbus area, you will need to talk to the distributor in your area who carries BrewDog. Asking about your local bar or bottle shop is a great place to start. 


How do I redeem a BrewDog rebate I saw in a store or restaurant near me?  

All BrewDog rebates are handled through a 3rd party and we do not have direct visibility. Please contact to the rebate company at [email protected] and send the following information so their team can investigate further and issue payment: 


- Preference of Paypal VS Venmo and the email (Paypal) or phone number (Venmo) associated with the account 
- Receipt image showing qualifying purchase (If you still have access to it) 
- Exact error message you are receiving (if applicable to your issue) 






How do I contact a specific bar?  

Each bar’s phone number, email, hours, address and social platfroms are listed on their individual page. Please see here to find the location you are looking for.  


How do I stay at the DogHouse Hotel?  

The DogHouse Hotel is located in Canal Winchester, Ohio and is the first craft beer hotel in the world. Please visit our website here for booking information. 



What does it mean that BrewDog will no longer ship DTC (direct-to-consumer)?

We have made the decision to close select eCommerce operations in mid-to-late February, 2024, meaning you will no longer be able to purchase BrewDog alcoholic beer, alcoholic cider, merchandise and subscriptions at Customers will still be able to purchase select non-alcoholic brews.

I have a store credit or gift card to, can I still use it? 

Yes, customers can continue to use their online shop gift cards and store credit for our non-alcoholic options. If you reside in a state that we cannot ship non-alcoholic beer to, please contact [email protected] for a resolution,

If you have a BrewDog Bar or Hotel gift card, there are no changes. To check the balance of your bar or hotel gift card, please see here.

How do I know if I have an online gift card or an in-person gift card?

An online shop gift card to is typically 12 digits and may look something like PY**********. An e-gift card for BrewDog Bars and Hotels is typically 14 digitals and may look something like 4282**********. A physical gift card is valid for our BrewDog Bars and Hotels.

Why won’t BrewDog USA ship alcoholic products directly to consumers post 2/23/24? 

The decision to close portions of our eCommerce operations is not a reflection of its performance in terms of growth. In fact, our eCommerce segment has shown consistent growth. However, there are several external factors that have made it increasingly challenging for this part of our business to achieve the desired levels of profitability needed for sustainable expansion.  One of the main challenges we encountered was the complexity of state-by-state shipping regulations, proving to be a significant cost burden. This, combined with rising carrier costs and the impact of inflation, has hindered our ability to expand seamlessly in the eCommerce space, making it challenging to meet our profitability goals despite continued revenue growth.

If I can’t order beer online, where can I find BrewDog products?

Don’t worry, we still have exciting alternatives for you to continue enjoying our craft beers. You can find our wide range of BrewDog beers by visiting any of our BrewDog Bars or hotels, where you can experience the unique and vibrant atmosphere while savoring your favorite brews. Additionally, our products will still be available at various stores near you and available for deliver on third-party platforms such as Instacart, ensuring that you can easily find BrewDog beers to enjoy at home.

I have a subscription to BrewDog’s Non-Alcoholic Beer Club, do I need to cancel it? 

There is no action needed from any current customers or subscribers. All current subscriptions will be automatically cancelled in February, as the Jan/Feb NA Beer Club box shipped in January. No further boxes (March/April, May/June. Etc.) will be shipped or charged to customers.  

What’s new and upcoming at BrewDog USA? 

Wearethrilled to share some exciting news about upcoming developments and growth at BrewDog. We're opening a new bar in Denver, Colorado in early 2024 and will be announcing upcoming BrewDog airport bars as well, promising exceptional in-person experiences for beer enthusiasts like yourself.Stay tuned for more details by following along on Dever’s Instagram @BrewDogDenver and @BrewDogUSA be among the first to experience the passion and innovation that BrewDog brings to every location.

I have another question, who do I reach out to? 

Please contact us at [email protected] and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.




Is there an order minimum when purchasing online? 

Yes, orders must total (pre-tax and pre-shipping) at least $15.00 USD to be eligible for online shipping. 


Can I order BrewDog beer online? Does BrewDog ship beer?  

Starting on 2/23/2024 BrewDog will sell select non-alcoholic beer online and ship directly to consumers in select states. BrewDog USA will no longer ship alcoholic beer or cider.  


Does BrewDog’s Non-Alcoholic Beer Club still exist?  

Unfortunately, BrewDog’s NA Beer Club closed February 2024. For more information please see here


Can My Beer Be Left Outside When Delivered?  

Cold Weather Warning: Non-Alcoholic beer can freeze in as little as an hour in sub-freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures. Please make arrangements to ensure your package is promptly picked up to avoid freezing issues. We encourage all customers to sign up for UPS My Choice (for free) to view details and manage your packages and deliveries. You can use that tool to plan for delivery ETAs, authorize release of packages, or to tell the driver to leave your package with a neighbor. You can even track the truck as it approaches your residence!  


Will you be shipping to other states? 

Direct shipping laws differ by state (and several other factors). We are trying to add as many states as we can. See here for more details.  


Where is my order? 

Delivery usually takes 2-5 working days, but we endeavor to deliver earlier than this where possible. When your item is dispatched, you will receive an email from us with tracking details. If you have not received this, please check your spam folder. 

If you have additional questions, please contact our helpdesk at [email protected] 


I have a problem with my order, what do I do? 

We are here to help! Please contact us at [email protected] and we will aim to respond to you within two business days. If you have any questions about returns or refunds, please check out our Shipping & Returns information page. 


Can I cancel an order once it is placed? 

Most orders are unable to be cancelled once placed, as our system automatically sends orders to our fulfilment center immediately after they are placed to be picked, packed and shipped. This means we can ship our orders out faster, but it also means we cannot guarantee cancellation after an order has been placed. While we are unlikely to be able to cancel an order, we are always happy to check an order for you, just email us at [email protected]
Can I add an item to my order once it is placed? 

Unfortunately, no. Once an order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email, which is immediately sent to our warehouse for picking and packing. 


Can I change my address/details once an order is placed? 

If you have made an error in your shipping address, please contact us ASAP at [email protected]and we will try our best to help. However, orders are immediately sent to our warehouse for picking and packing once a label is created, so we cannot guarantee that we will be able to catch it in time. 


Why can’t I see my orders in my account? 

Any orders placed prior to creating your account, or purchased as a guest, will not appear. Only purchases made while logged in will show in your account. 


Where can I find my store credit? 

Once logged into your account, your store credits will appear as a payment option at checkout on your next order. 


Sales and Offers: 

Unless otherwise stated, sale prices and promotional offers are valid only during posted dates and times and on specific items. Sales prices cannot be applied retroactively, and no rain checks will be given. Sales and offers on BrewDog USA Online Shop not valid at BrewDog bars or other retailers. Please refer to the list of Terms & Conditions for specific offers.