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Non-Alcoholic Beer Club Closure FAQ

I have a subscription to BrewDog’s Non-Alcoholic Beer Club, do I need to cancel it?

There is no action needed from any current customers or subscribers. All current subscriptions will be automatically cancelled in February, as the Jan/Feb NA Beer Club box shipped in January. No further boxes (March/April, May/June. Etc.) will be shipped or charged to customers.  

If I’m not receiving my Non-Alcoholic Beers through the Non-Alcoholic Beer Club Subscription Service, where can I find BrewDog products?

Don’t worry, we still have exciting alternatives for you to continue enjoying our craft beers. You will still be able to order select non-alcoholic beers right here in our online shop. Additionally, you can find a range of BrewDog beers by visiting any of our BrewDog Bars or hotels, where you can experience the unique and vibrant atmosphere while savoring your favorite brews. Plus our products will still be available at various stores near you and available for delivery on third-party platforms such as Instacart, ensuring that you can easily find BrewDog beers to enjoy at home.

What’s new and upcoming at BrewDog USA?

We are thrilled to share some exciting news about upcoming developments and growth at BrewDog. We're opening a new bar in Denver, Colorado in early 2024 and will be announcing upcoming BrewDog airport bars as well, promising exceptional in-person experiences for beer enthusiasts like yourself. Stay tuned for more details by following along on Denver’s Instagram @BrewDogDenver and @BrewDogUSA be among the first to experience the passion and innovation that BrewDog brings to every location.

Why won’t BrewDog USA continue the Non-Alcoholic Beer Club?

The decision to close Non-Alcoholic Beer Club is not a reflection of its performance, in fact, our Beer Club has shown consistent growth. However, there are several external factors that have made it increasingly challenging for this part of our business to achieve the desired levels of profitability needed for sustainable expansion. 

One of the main challenges we encountered was the complexity of state-by-state shipping regulations, proving to be a significant cost burden. This, combined with rising carrier costs and the impact of inflation, has hindered our ability to expand seamlessly in the eCommerce space, making it challenging to meet our goals. 

I have another question, who do I reach out to?

Please contact us at [email protected] and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.