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Non-Alcoholic Beer

Frequently Asked Questions

How does BrewDog brew non-alcoholic beer? 

There are many ways to brew NA beer, including dealcoholization and arrested fermentation. However, BrewDog uses a process called micro-fermentation to brew our award-winning non-alcoholic beers. This is a technique that allows the beer to fully ferment using unfermentable malts and sugars. The result? More flavor (and fewer calories). We use an in-house dry hopping technique to maximize hop flavor and make our product stand out. We never cook off the alcohol – there is a reason why beer is meant to be kept cold. So, we mature our Hazy AF cold just like we do our Hazy Jane.  

Are your NA’s pasteurized? 

 Yes, our NA brews are put through a flash pasteurization process just before packaging to ensure no wild microbes are present. 

 Are your NA beers gluten free? 

We use brewers Clarex, a gluten-reducing enzyme, on the following core NAs to make them gluten-reduced. Meaning gluten was once present and then removed. We have validated these brands with a competitive ELISA gluten test and got the following results: 

 Hazy AF - 12.2 ppm 

Punk AF - <10 ppm 

Elvis AF - <10 ppm 

Nanny State - <10 ppm 

Ghost Walker - <10 ppm 

Gluten-reduced labeling means there is <20 ppm, and anything below 10ppm cannot be detected by the test. If you have a severe gluten allergy, we recommend caution in consuming even these NA products as they use gluten containing ingredients and are made in a facility and with equipment that also produces beer that does not get treated with Clarex. 

Are your NA beers vegan friendly? 

Yes! We are pleased to offer a selection of vegan-friendly beers. Our headliners (Punk AF, Hazy AF, Elvis AF, Nanny State, and Ghost Walker) as well as some of our limited editions. Please check the product page for dietary details. 

How many calories?  

Our headliner (Punk AF, Hazy AF, Elvis AF, Nanny State, and Ghost Walker) only have 20 calories per can! While we try to keep all our seasonals and limited-edition products low cal, gluten reduced and low carb. Nutritional values for those brews can vary widely. Please check the product page for dietary details. 

 Where can I find your NA’s 

Find your favorite NA at a store and bar near you, using our beer finder. Search your city, state, or zip code to find the closest place to buy BrewDog near you. You can even filter by brand to find a specific beer, cider, or non-alcoholic beer. 

Which NA beers contain grapefruit? 

Elvis AF is the only NA brew with grapefruit using grapefruit extract. 

What is sweetener FL? 

The main sweetener we use in our NA brews is Sweetener FL. Which is a natural flavoring sweetener (made with monk fruit as the primary ingredient) which slightly increases perceived sweetness and body within our NA beers without increasing calories or carbohydrates.