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Christmas with BrewDog

Advent Calendar

24 incredible craft beers to suit all tastes and preferences, guaranteed to give you something to look forward to every morning. Don't miss out on the BrewDog Advent Calendar this year.


Any orders for Advent Calendars placed after 25th November cannot be guaranteed for delivery before 1st December. 

The Pack Leaders Advent Calendar

Welcome to Planet BrewDog

The Pack Leaders advent calendar is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. It contains a variety of styles with some surprises from the BrewDog family along the way. A perfect choice for those who enjoy lighter, hoppier beers.


This would make an ideal gift for both BrewDog newbies, and those who are fans of our core range.

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Example Image

Premium Advent Calendar

The craftiest countdown around

The Premium pack contains winter warmers that will have you curled up in front of the fire in no time. Containing both limited releases and fan favourites, this advent calendar is great for those more familiar with the world of Brewdog. 

If both light and darker beers are your jam, then this is the pack for you.

EFP Advent Calendar

An epic, exclusive advent calendar just for our equity punks

The Equity for Punks advent calendar features an incredible selection of limited release and collectable beers. Prepare yourself for plenty of dark beers including stouts and barley wines. 

Those of you on Santa’s naughty list need not apply.

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Please note: The Pack Leaders advent calendar contains BrewDog beer, Hawkes cider, Overworks beer and BrewDog Distilling Co. products. Premium and EFP advent calendars contain a BrewDog or Overworks beer every day. 


Advent calendars will be shipped between 11-30th November.