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If you just can't wait to find out, sneak a peek at the 24 brews within this epic beer bundle. All this and a unique festive glass to make your jingle beers even merrier.


Punk IPA

Start off the festive season with the beer that started it all. Bold. Tropical. Ho-ho-hoppy.

Lost Lager

This crisp and refreshing pilsner is Lost somewhere inside the box. Don’t rest until you find it.

Hazy Jane

Head to New England this Christmas with this tropical, hazy hit of a beer. A classic for a reason.

Dead Pony Club

Tis the season for session pale ales, and Dead Pony Club’s a hoppy, tropical winner.

Elvis Juice

Get your vitamins this December with the absolute King of tart grapefruit infused IPAs.


Returning Faves

Clockwork Tangerine

Level up the satsuma at the bottom of the stocking with this delightfully citrus session IPA.

Silk Road

Give yourself a break from mulled wine with this IPA combining juicy mango and aromatic lychee.


A West Coast IPA brewed for Aldi that’s tropical and piney and almost worryingly drinkable.

Arcade Made

Power up your Christmas with this tropical, fruity and very punchy double IPA.

Jack Hammer

It’s time for a really hoppy Christmas with this Citra, Mosaic and Columbus hop bomb of a beer.


Hazed & Infused

Hazy Jane Guava

Hazy Jane, remixed. Hops meet passionfruit and guava for a floral, fruity and festive beer.

Hazy Jane Peach

Upgrade satsumas in your stocking with a hazy, hoppy absolute peach of a beer.

Hazy Jane Pineapple

Fresh pineapple, mango, peach and citrus create this fruity and festive miracle of an IPA.

Lost Infused Blood Orange

Kind of like a satsuma in a stocking, except in liquid form and way, way better.

Lost Infused Guava

Get lost in guava this December with our crisp, refreshing and fruity pilsner.


New for 2023


Fly towards Christmas with this bright, mellow and very drinkable session IPA.

Shore Leave

Have a real good December with this bitter and fruity and well balanced amber ale.

Neon Dream

Breeze through the festivities and family drama with this bold and bright tropical wheat ale.

Hop Frenzy

Hop into Christmas with this tropical, hoppy, hazy IPA that’s guaranteed to make you very happy.

Speedbird OG

Fasten your seatbelts, this zesty, citrusy, transatlantic IPA is ready to land under the tree.


Festive Brews & Warming Stouts

Elf Lager

Son of a Nutcracker! Our limited edition 4.5% lager celebrates one of the best-loved Christmas films of all time.

Hoppy Xmas

A stone cold festive classic, this is an IPA that tastes like Christmas from the very first sip.

Grind Coffee Stout

Have a very caffeinated Christmas with our dark, bitter and all round brilliant Grind coffee stout.

Black Heart

Embrace the dark side of December with this roasty, toasty hug of a stout.