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Beer School Experience


Join us for the ultimate beer school experience - a guided beer tasting led by of one of our Cicerone-trained crew, featuring five 1/3 pints of our favourite brews paired with a cheese board for £25 per head.

Get your craft beer journey started by booking into our Beer School here!

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£50 / £100

As more and more people begin to discover that there is an alternative to the mass-produced, industrial beers out there we have decided to pay it forward.

Fancy treating your favourite beer geek to a beer school? Or maybe for your family, or team? Look no further, head to the link below and buy a beer school gift card for them now!

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How does it work?

Our regular Beer Schools are an in-depth dive into the world of craft beer featuring five third pints paired with a selection of cheeses.

Over the course of 90 minutes your beer guide will take you through the history of the beers, the method in which they are brewed and how to pair them with food.

We chat about the craft beer revolution, where BrewDog fits into it, as well as tips on some of our other favourite amazing breweries to look out for.

At £25 per person, we truly think there is no better way to spend an afternoon than with some great beer, tasty cheese and fun beery chat.