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Right now, as we type, we’re brewing beer. And we’re planning on brewing beer tomorrow. And the day after. And every day after that until your grandchildren are drinking it too. 

Beer is great, but it’s useless if we don’t have a planet to drink it on. In 2020 we set out our journey to reduce and eventually eliminate our operational carbon emissions. And not to ruin everything you’re about to read, but things are going pretty well so far. 

We’ve shown what we’re doing and measured our progress in our MEGA (Make Earth Great Again) report. Do your bit for the planet by grabbing a beer, putting your feet up and giving it your full attention.

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Cutting Our Emissions

Every year, we diligently calculate our emissions, and release the details in our MEGA report. We also aren’t ones to mark our own homework, so we’ve also been third-party accredited by Positive Planet for the past 2 years and are aiming to achieve this again for 2023. We count all our carbon – scopes 1, 2 and 3 - and invest heavily in reducing and removing emissions wherever possible. Read all about it in our latest MEGA report.

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Lost Forest

We’ve all bought things on impulse. Chewing gum. Chocolate bars. A 9,308 acre plot of land in the Scottish Highlands. Luckily it’s worked out quite well. We’re embarking on one of the largest reforestation and peatland restoration projects the UK has ever seen, with the aim of planting over 1.1m native trees to avoid significant volumes of CO2e being released into the atmosphere. As impulse purchase goes, it definitely beats a Twix. 

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Changing the world from the comfort of your local. We’re bringing down emissions at BrewDog bars by calculating their footprint and working with our team of eco warriors on the ground to set and smash ambitious carbon reduction targets. From getting our menus to at least 50% vegan and vegetarian to sending zero waste to landfill, we’ve already hit some important milestones. And we won’t stop until all of our bars are the planet’s favourite local.