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DogTap Ellon

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Are you looking for a perfect place to host a party, a corporate event, or special occasion? DogTap Ellon has the space that will meet all of your needs and more. With multiple areas available, which we can cater to your specific requirements. All within the grounds of our state-of-the-art, carbon-negative brewery.

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DogTap is the ultimate temple of craft beer! Our 2 bars with 33 taps are ready to pour our favourite beer fresh from our brewing tanks. Enjoy a beer on the epic viewing deck of our brewing facility, grab a game of shuffleboard and tuck into our oak-fired chicken menu!

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The amazing thing about beer is that there is always something to learn. A fact you never knew, a piece of history that had escaped you, or an entire style of beer to discover. Beer knowledge is power. Welcome to the Brewdog Beer Museum. Why not hold your event in the heart of our bespoke beer museum and soak up some knowledhge about the history of our favourite drink.

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Expand your hoppy horizons while you kick back with a book from our extensive beer library. We've got tonnes of books ranging from the history of beer to top tips for home brewers. You'll be a fountain of beery knowledge in no time at all!

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Start your craft beer journey with a guided tasting through some amazing beers led by one of our awesome cicerone-trained crew members. These take place in our dedicated beer school room, kitted out with everything needed to give you an in-depth exploration into the wonder of hops and malts!

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You'll be able to soak up the Aberdeenshire surroundings in our outdoor area whether it's rain or shine! We have a range of different outdoor seating options including heated dining pods. And if you've come with the little 'uns, we have a kids play area for them to enjoy too!