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Equity For Punks

What is Equity for Punks?

BrewDog is owned by over 120,000 craft beer crusaders who invested through our Equity for Punks crowdfunding raises. Over the past decade we’ve seen our community grow from 2 men and 1 dog, to a global community of people who live and breathe craft beer.


a modern phenomenon

The key to Equity for Punks is crowdfunding – a contemporary sensation that has changed financing forever. For decades, shares and portfolios were strictly for the suits. Now, crowdfunding has led to the democratisation of investment – anyone can invest in a business they like the look of, or that creates a product or service they enjoy using.


We learned a long time ago that one of the key things that makes craft beer unique, is the people who drink it. Your dedication, passion and exploration underpins our entire industry. We wanted to bring all of you together into a single community revolving around great beer.

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History of Equity For punks

BrewDog was created as an alternative to the status quo; to challenge perceptions and revolutionise the craft beer industry

One of the things that makes craft beer great, is the people who choose to drink it; our community. In 2009 we wanted to make it official. So we launched Equity for Punks, our crowdfunding initiative, reshaping craft beer and remoulding alternative finance in the process. Here's how it went down:

What do Equity Punks help fund?

Every single penny of Equity Punk investment goes directly towards our major projects

All investments from our Equity Punk community help us grow and drive the craft beer revolution. Check out some of the exciting projects our Equity Punks have funded below. 

the doghouse


In 2018, we built the world’s first hotel located inside a brewery, with The DogHouse Columbus. This was launched alongside a craft beer museum, and we will be bringing both of these ventures to the UK with a fully-immersive beer experience featuring a hotel, brewery and beer museum in London.

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New Breweries


Asia is one of the most exciting and promising markets for us globally, and with your help, we can establish not one, but two incredible brewing facilities on the continent. We will be launching our first Australian brewery and taproom in Brisbane at the end of 2019, and intend to launch a brewery in China before 2020 with the ambition of becoming the first craft beer brand to have a brewery on 4 different continents.

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New Bars

Lighting craft beer beacons around the world

With demand for our beers steadily rising across the German, Italian, French and Spanish markets over the past 10 years, we are actively looking to launch localised brewpubs and bars across each of these nations!

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New Beers

At BrewDog, we make the beers that we want to drink

So far, we have brewed some crazy experimental beers; beers brewed at the bottom of the North Sea, the world’s strongest beer, and even beers packaged in taxidermy squirrels to highlight the dangers of climate change! With your investment, we will be able to further push the boundaries of brewing, and create new, exciting flavours that excite the palate and tell a story. Product development has seen us recently launch Punk AF, a non-alcoholic version of our flagship beer, Punk IPA, as well as further develop small-batch innovation using weird and wonderful ingredients, and – of course – getting wild at our alternative sour beer facility, Overworks.


Our community of Equity Punks get first access to all BrewDog news and all of our new beers and bars – plus a raft of other benefits. The more you invest, the bigger and better benefits you get access too! We currently have an Equity for Punk crowdfunding raise live now – read the prospectus to find out more information!

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Download our Equity For Punks prospectus and find out all you need to know about our Equity Punk community, our projects and the benefits of investing.