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Gift Guide

father's day gifts

We know it's not easy shopping for the Old Man. But we're going to make it easy for you. Check out our guide on different beer styles and pick out something he is going to really love this year (and maybe grab yourself something for being such an awesome kid too). 

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Light Beer Lovers

Does you dad live for light beer? Lagers, Pale Ales and IPAs... Look no further.

Looking for something crisp, clean, and most importantly, refreshing? Then Lager is the best choice. Get your dad something to enjoy while relaxing in garden. 

Does your dad love hops? Then try a Pale Ale. Biscuity flavours and hops are the name of the game here making it a beer for every occasion. 

You want something a bit heavier, right? More hops. Higher ABV. Say hello to the IPA. The most popular craft beer style out there and packing a punch.

Come to the dark side

Is your dad a fan of stouts, porters and anything dark? We've got what he wants.

Does your dad like nothing more than a Brown Ale? Likes something that tastes roasty without that burnt flavour? Then Porter is the perfect choice.

Looking for something for a man that refuses to drink anything but 'the black stuff'? Well we've got something that'll change his mind. From Milk Stouts to knock-you-down Imperial Stouts and even super-sweet Dessert Stouts, you'll definitely find something to make him think differently.   

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shares in a brewery

Why not upgrade the usual pair of cufflinks for a gift that bags your special someone LIFETIME discounts on beer!

All shareholders in Equity for Punks get access to discounts on beer in our bars and online for life. They also bag tonnes of other benefits such as first access to new beers and invites to kick-ass exclusive events – that’s multiple gifts in one!


All Dads can bag a free meal on us this Fathers’ day!

Bring your dad into any of our UK bars this Fathers’ day and we’ll treat them to a free meal. They’ll also have a chance see where the beery magic happens, as all Dads who make a booking at our bars will be entered into a raffle to win a free trip to our brewery in Scotland!

Terms and Conditions:
  • Must be booked in advance
  • Only valid up to £13 on food
  • Must be a Dad with a paying customer
  • Everyone who makes the above booking is entered into the raffle
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