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Release Event - 9th November

An Imperial Sour Stout which has been aged in Islay Whisky casks for the best part of a year, plotting its release in time with Gunpowder Evening – the exclusive release event and barrel burning bonfire night at BrewDog OverWorks.


This will be an epic launch party with beer tastings, delicious food and a roaring fire - this is one night you don't want to miss!

The Beer

A plot is afoot!

Gunpowder Treason is  a straight up Sour Stout which has been aged in Islay Whisky barrels for a full year. Big decadent coffee and chocolate notes pair wonderfully with the Islay Whisky character imparted from time in the casks. Bonfire smoke, oily peat and lightly spicy floral hits. Bright acidity and a super dry body mean this roguish beer is delightfully light and easy going for such a big flavourful beer. 

Example Image
Example Image

The Event

Join us on 9th November to get your hands on Gunpowder Treason

Gunpowder Evening is a bottle release party in the OverWorks yard. Buying tiered tickets will get you multiple bottles of Gunpowder Treason to take away as well as admission to the event where we will have music playing, guest beers pouring, food vendors and a ceremonious barrel burning bonfire!

This is the exclusive launch event for Gunpowder Treason bottles, and so a pilgrimage to the OverWorks brewery is required to get your hands on these small batch bottles!

The event will be from 2pm to 9pm with the bonfire going up at 4pm. There will be a shuttle bus for 60 people leaving from BrewDog Castlegate at 1.30pm and returning from the event at 9pm. Guest beer included in the ticket price are from our friends at Crooked Stave, Oscar Blues, Hermit Thrush, Upland and Firestone Walker. 

Get Tickets

Pick your tier of tickets to grab this awesome beer and more

Select which tier of ticket you want to purchase and secure your beers and entry to the event on 9th November. As well as the specified number of bottles of Gunpowder Treason, your ticket will grant you access to our yard party including sample pours of OverWorks hottest releases alongside amazing guest beers.


Tier 1 - £20: This ticket will get you 3 x 500ml bottles of Gunpowder Treason.

Tier 2 - £35: This ticket will get you 6 x 500ml bottles of Gunpowder Treason.

Tier 3 - £65: This ticket will get you 12 x 500ml bottles of Gunpowder Treason.

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Please note:

These are tickets (with beer included) to the event. You will have to collect your Gunpowder Treason.

You will need to have your order number and ID to match up your name on arrival to pick up your bottles.

Guest and OverWorks beers pouring are included in your ticket price.

Food vendors will operate cash and card separately.