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Get ready to turn stamp collecting into your new favourite hobby and earn a few rewards along the way - from Berlin to Birmingham and beyond, the world is your oyster! Ready to explore the world in the name of craft beer? Order your Beer Visa today!


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What is the intergalactic beer visa?

From the day we opened our second BrewDog Bar (back in March 2011) we loved the fact that people travelled between them, checking out the differences over a beer or two. Now that we have around fifty bars from Edinburgh to São Paulo, we figured it was time to make that journeying official. Enter the Intergalactic Beer Visa - your very own physical journal of your visits to BrewDog bars.

We know there are many apps and websites where you can log your progress around Planet BrewDog – but sometimes it’s good to have a physical reminder of your bar-based prowess, nestling proudly in your back pocket. Once you sign up, you will be sent out a Beer Visa stamp book and a Beer Visa Card (EFPs will only receive a stamp book, as your ID card will double as your beer visa card). 

By collecting stamps and swiping your Beer Visa Card, you can unlock rewards and reap the benefits (as well as bragging rights!) of being the ultimate BrewDog bar hopper. 


How does it work?

Every one of our bars from Soho to Tokyo will have their own personalised bar stamp; your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to collect as many as you can. For some, the satisfaction of stamping another bar off your list will be all the reward you need. However we have grouped our bars into a series of five challenges to complete on your bar hopping journeys – strike them off and claim a prize!


The five challenges are:

Homedog – Visit all the Aberdeen and Ellon BrewDog bars

Big Smoke – Visit all London BrewDog bars

Flying Scotsman – Visit all the Scottish BrewDog bars

Mad Dogs and Englishmen – Visit all the English BrewDog bars

This is 40 - Visit any 40 BrewDog bars


Some of the rewards for acing these challenges will be redeemable in our bars, others online. So we have gone all futuristic and made the Visa fully biometric. As well as collecting your stamp, make sure your Beer Visa Card (or EFP ID Card) is swiped at the till to log your visit - that way you can link the Visa to your account on and claim those online rewards.

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How do I get mine?

Simply click "Register Now" below, confirm your details and your Beer Visa will be sent out to you! Please allow up to 14 working days for delivery. 

Eat. Sleep. Stamp. Repeat.

Love and Hops,

BrewDog x