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Punk up your pup's birthday

Dog Pawties

Dog Pawties

Host your dog’s birthday pawty in our BrewDog Bars! When you celebrate in dog years you need to make each birthday count, so we are here to help. Space can now be reserved in any one of our UK Bars to throw a party for your pup.

What's included?

For £5 per hound, we will make sure your good boy or girl’s special day is even more special by throwing in party hats (for all concerned) and dog-safe pupcakes for all four-legged attendees.

You can reserve a pawty space by contacting the bar via email before the day in question and on the day your birthday boy or girl can bring as many humans as they like for free. We will also provide the canine contingent with a specially made pup-safe doggy beer!

All you need to do is round up the pack…