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Sleep at a brewery



In 2018 we threw open the doors to The DogHouse, the world's first craft beer hotel. Located inside our brewery in Columbus, Ohio, the ‘hoppiest place on Earth’ sent a shock wave through the craft beer community, offering the ultimate immersive experience for beer geeks around the planet. And that's just for starters...

The Doghouse

BrewDog's DogHouse Columbus will greet you each morning with aromas from our gently fermenting foeders even before you head down for breakfast!

The Kennels, Aberdeen

BrewDog Kennels are our new, city centre mini-hotels located above our BrewDog bars. This location is above BrewDog Castlegate in Aberdeen.

The Kennels, Columbus

BrewDog Kennels are our new, city centre mini-hotels located above our BrewDog bars.

Dog Friendly

Bring your four-legged friend too

Want to bring your furry four-legged pal? No problem! Our hotels are pup-friendly, so you needn’t worry about leaving your best friend at home! You can also hang out with your human (and canine!) pals in the common areas available for guests to relax in, including the hotel media room where beer fans can watch our very own TV show, Brew Dogs, enjoy a game of ping (or beer!) pong, or savour the sights of the brewery.


1 Fill your box with your favourite brews.

Our largest delivery boxes have 24 slots, and can fit up to:

Can 48 x Cans
(330 or 440ml)
Bottle 24 x Bottles
(Any size)

2 Checkout for Free Delivery.

Fill at least 23 out of 24 slots and you'll get free delivery.

Once you've hit one full box, that's free delivery on your entire order!

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