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NanoDog Archive

NanoDog releases are crafted to be enjoyed fresh, made in extremely limited batches and with only a 3-month shelf life. Blink and you'll miss the limited runs in the online shop, so we've preserved them here in our NanoDog hall of fame where you craft beer lovers can reminisce about the brilliant brews we've released so far.

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NanoDog #0001


11.3% ABV Imperial Stout

This was our very first NanoDog release. And we hit the ground sprinting. A very limited edition 11.3% imperial pastry stout that simultaneously made you feel wide awake and fast asleep, this was a sweet and malty belter of a beer.

Untapped Rating: 4.1/5

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NanoDog #0002

Your. Daily. Pils.

5.1% ABV Pilsner

Only the very best pilsner for our second NanoDog release. This very limited run 5.6% lager was crisp and clean and refreshing and the perfect antidote to our imperial pastry stout and Black IPA releases.

Untapped Rating: 3.5

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NanoDog #0003

The. Black. Stuff.

7.8% ABV Black IPA

Fraser had been tinkering around the brewery with experimental hops, and the result was this absolute beauty. A 7.8% Black IPA that’s malty and hoppy and made you feel very happy you invested in such a satisfying beer.

Untappd Rating: 3.8/5

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NanoDog #0004

Hoppy. And. Hazy.

8% ABV Hazy IPA

NanoDog beer number 4 was one for the hop heads and the haze heads. Citra and Superdelic teamed up for a super delicious 8% Hazy IPA that was juicy and punchy and pillowy in the best possible way. Haze for days.

Untappd Rating: 3.89

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NanoDog #0005


7.9% New England IPA

Our 5th release hit the ground sprinting with a 7.9% Double Dry Hopped DIPA that blew your socks off in the most pleasant way possible. Focussing on Strata, one of the newest and boldest hops on the block, an intense tropical fruit medley with heady notes of orange zest, pine and resin.

Untapped Rating: 3.9

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NanoDog #0006


9.9% Barley Wine

NanoDog number 6 was a 9.9% bourbon barrel oak chip barley wine that was one to sip, slide back into your seat and savour every last drop. Warming bourbon oak on a baseline of light, dark and pale malts for notes of vanilla, sour cherry, marzipan and hints of coconut, finishing with a lash of tannins.

Untapped Rating: 3.79

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NanoDog #0007


8.5% Stout

#0007 entered the line-up with coffee, vanilla, and salted caramel, combined with pillowy marshmallow and white chocolate to create the perfect after dinner or dessert replacement beer.

Untapped Rating: 4.02

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Nanodog #0008


5.5% Lager

Crisp, refreshing and joyful intermission between all the hoppy and hazy heavy hitters we'd been brewing. Simcoe, Saphir, Cascade and Melon hops meet Weyermann Pils malts for a fresh and floral lager brewed over in Germany.

Untapped Rating: 3.48

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NanoDog #0009


6.2% West Coast IPA

Our lager love letter to the West Coast. Putting our own spin on this Californian trend, #0009 was dry hopped at IPA levels. HBC 586 hops saturated a clean German Pilsner malt and torrefied rice base fermented cold with W34/70 giving it huge notes of dank passionfruit and melon. Coming in at 6.2%, it had all the hops of an IPA and was dangerously crushable.

Untappd Rating: 3.7

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NanoDog #0010


6% West Coast IPA

Our nerdiest beer yet. Cascade and Perle hops combined with YCH 303, a hop blend of Cryo Hops and Phantasm (made from the skin of New Zealand grown Sauvignon Blanc grapes) to give this Hazy IPA an intense flavour and aroma. The result was a complex mix of berries, mandarins and tropical coconut.

Untappd Rating: 3.7

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NanoDog #0011


7.4% West Coast IPA

A West Coast IPA, but not as you know it. Taking a style that’s been roaming these parts for 30 odd years and throwing in modern techniques and ingredients, this was an outlaw in the most enjoyable way. Cold fermented to create an ultra clean and light body, and heaped with experimental hops Talus and Strata CGX, this was a crisp, tropical and citrusy cowboy of a beer.

Untappd Rating: 3.9

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NanoDog #0013

8.5 % Belgian Golden Ale


We took Sabro hops normally reserved for IPAs and put them into this beautiful experiment of a beer, bringing a hoppy punch of peaches, pear drops, passionfruit and spicy cloves. Brewed at the request of our Maintenance Engineer Neil Jackson, this was mad science at its finest.

Untappd Rating: 3.7

*Untapped ratings as measured 04/03/2024