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Honest & Charismatic Spirits
Honest & Charismatic Spirits

BrewDog Distilling Co.

No Half Measures Here

We're here to bring honest, charismatic, true-tasting spirits to the people. In an industry where drinkers are taken for a ride too often, we’re fanatical about doing things right. That means no penny-pinching, no corners cut, no bullshit. It’s more fun when you focus on product, not profits.

How we Distill

Superior Spirits. Made from Scratch.

Superior Spirits. Made from Scratch.

When you are as obsessed with quality as we are, you can’t let someone else make your base spirit. So we don’t.

We distil everything from scratch, to our own fanatical standards in our Aberdeenshire distillery. No corner-cutting or money scrimping. Authentic spirits, made by BrewDog from grain to glass.

Oooh yes.

Our Spirits Lineup

The Wolf is not for Compromise.

Handmade Gin.

No Half Measures.

A Perfect Pairing of Whiskey and Beer.