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Up and Coming Fest

Up and Coming Fest

Get ready for this year’s celebration of emerging UK craft beer talent. We’re gathering our top picks of up and coming breweries from the UK and will be pouring them in all of our UK bars for 2 weeks.
We can’t wait to get our paws on some new and exciting brews, whilst enjoying the range of incredible beers that the UK craft beer scene has to offer!
Check out our initial line-up of breweries below and stay tuned for further announcements.

Liquid Light

Liquid Light was founded in September 2017. After years of experience home brewing and working in other breweries, they decided it was time to start our own. Combining their two biggest passions, craft beer and music.

We’ll be pouring
Mother North – a 6.8% Kveik IPA
Groove Solution – A 6% Blood Orange & Passionfruit Gose

Vault City

Vault City Brewing is committed to making delicious fruit-forward Modern Sour Beers.

We will be pouring:
Elderflower Session sour - More sessionable, lower abv, same focus on quality, incredible flavours with a different approach to their enjoyment.
Rhubarb & Ginger Sour - A mixed-fermentation beer with a combination of sharp and spicy flavours, underpinned by earthy tones.
Farm to Fermenter Blueberry – Our house culture exhibits notes of peach and apricot, with a slight lemon sherbet element. Fresh Scottish Blueberries stand front and centre, picked and into the fermenter at their peak, within 21 hours.
Pineapple Habanero Sour - Tangy pineapple meets fiery habanero in a frenzy of zing enhanced by mixed-culture fermentation. The smokey, earthy character of the dried chillies builds with a rising heat of capsicum.

Phantom Brewing

After more than two years of meticulous planning, preparation, research and development, Phantom Brewery officially opened their doors in November 2019. With the main goal of producing the freshest beer, made with the highest quality ingredients, they have worked hard to provide a welcoming community hub in their taproom in Reading that welcomes any person from any background.

We’ll be pouring:
Curbside Luau - Hawaiian Fruit Punch, packed full of fruit, including Cherry, Apricot, Orange, Mango, Passionfruit and Pineapple.
Life Is A Rollercoaster - All Mosaic IPA, it brings a big blueberry profile with then stonefruit backing it up.
Palm Trees And Power Lines - Pina Colada Sour IPA. Their house golden sour beer with pineapple, Toasted Coconut and Sabro giving a creamy cocktail finish.
You Do The Math - Hopped with Bru-1 and Strata, a big pineapple finish with pineapple and peach on the nose.


Little Earth project is a little brewery making sour, farmhouse and historic beers in the heart of Suffolk.

We’ll be pouring:
Stupid Sexy Suffolk Blend III - An aged flanders red blend. A deep amber beer with tannins, spice, acidity, sweetness and a hint of oak and spice.
Hard Graf –A dry, tart and refreshing saison/cider blend
Pie Saison – A spiced amber saison brewed with dark and wheat malt with notes of cinnamon, ginger, clove, nutmeg & cardamom.
Folly Road 2020 Amarillo - An amber sour base blend, fermented 100% with our own mixed culture plus an addition of fresh Amarillo hops.


Amity Brew Co stands for community, friendship and good beer. They make fresh, modern interpretations of classic beer styles, as well as experimenting with what’s new!

We’ll be pouring:
Bessie – A milk stout brewed with cacao nibs, wheat, lactose - velvety and decadent
Waterpistol – A juicy Pale with Motueka and wheat – it’ll be hazy, juicy and sessionable
Sunnybank – A West Coast classic pale, expect big grapefruit Sierra Nevada flavours and aromas
Festoon – A helles lager with bready sweetness and a spicy, crispy bitterness


Pastore Brewing and Blending produce fresh and aged sour and wild beers, headed up by a father and son duo.

We’ll be pouring:
Passion Fruit Waterbeach Weisse – A mixed fermentation berliner weisse style beer conditioned on 200 g/l passion fruit
Pastore Pilsner – A German style pilsner brewed with pils malt and saphir hops, lagered for seven weeks
Budino Acido – An imperial waterbeach weisse conditioned on rhubarb, peach, strawberry, vanilla and almond.
Tropicale Acido - An imperial waterbeach weisse conditioned on passion fruit, mango, guava and papaya


Located in Hoults Yard, Newcastle. Full Circle Brew Co is within easy reach of the city centre, in the craft beer haven of the Byker/Walker/Ouseburn communities.

We’ll be pouring:
Looper – Their flagship IPA, soft and juice with zesty sweet lemon and lime. Hugely drinkable. Hopped up to the eyes, bitterness takes a back seat to gentle grapefruit
Repeater – A session IPA, tropical hops, soft and smooth. Well hopped can of joy. Light and clean but it's dangerously drinkable. A midweek marvel.
Breakout space –A full-bodied NEIPA full of oats backed up with a big helping of Azacca, Citra, Ekianot and Mosaic, then Triple dry-hopped with Citra, Ekuanot, Simcoe, Azacca, Mosaic and Sabro NEIPA
Pure Phase DDH Pale – A double dry-hopped pale ale


Yonder brews beers inspired by living in the beautiful Mendip Hills. They use local and foraged ingredients to brew delicious lagers, bitters and wild ales that taste like home.

We’ll be pouring:
Saison fourage: Woodruff – A mixed-fermentation wild ale brewed with house cultures, wild yeast and locally-foraged woodruff
Saison fourage Magnolia – Saison Fourage is a series of mixed culture fermented saisons, each infused with a single wild ingredient, which was foraged by hand in the UK.
Subculture – Mixed-fermentation pale ale brewed with Jester and Olicana hops.
Acapella – A heavyweight pilsner with a big hop profile for a lager - amber colour, lots of UK hop character and robust bitterness and a good malt character.


Polly’s Brew Co’s passion is to create hop-forward, modern styles of beer; with an emphasis on freshness. They are always looking to push themselves, exploring new styles and brewing techniques.

We’ll be pouring:
Bubble Dream - A strong contender for the new in house favourite IPA; Polly’s Brew Co set about smashing everything together that they love about beer when they brewed this.
Flowers – A brand new pale ale from the brewery


We are a small team of beer lovers with a clear mission: Brew our favourite beers, and have a good time. The brewery launched into orbit in 2017, with Aron & Cameron calling time on the day jobs and never looking back.
We’ll be pouring:
Virtue is lost - A tart and fruity guava sour balanced with the sweetness of vanilla and cacao. Contains Lactose. Part of the New Frontiers collab series
Known Unknowns - Our New Frontiers collaboration with Five Points. An incredibly smooth and complex stout, which drinks well below its abv.
Space Ritual - A tropical feast of our favourite hop varieties have been contained within this juicy IPA.


The concept of Double-Barrelled began when co-founders Mike & Luci Clayton-Jones got married, back in 2015 and brewed a beer for their wedding. They now produce a variety of ever changing beer from our warehouse on the outskirts of Reading.
We’ll be pouring:
Learn a word, use a word – A Hazy IPA. The hop combination of Mosaic & Bru-1 in both the whirlpool and dry hop pushes the stone fruit and pineapple aromas and notes.
How often do they update the internet - A single Hop Showcase of Columbus; expect plenty of pine, dank and resinous notes, combined with the high levels of bitterness synonymous with classic West Coast IPAs.
What speed is a week? - This double IPA is Sabro hop forward, bringing mango and stone fruit notes combining nicely with some hints of coconut. Citra & Mosaic bring in some light citrus & tropical fruit vibes on top of a pillowy soft mouthfeel with low bitterness. Contains gluten. Suitable for vegans.


Burning Soul is a small team of two. They are based in the Birmingham area and sell their beer locally. Not much beer makes in out of the area. They have recently started canning their beers and plans to increase production to gain a nationwide presence are in place.
We’ll be pouring:
World King Fist – No holds bar in your face IPA. Unique taste thanks for the addiction of a new UK grown Hop called Harlequin.
Wafer Biscuit Peanut Butter Stout - Smooth, velvety, rich Imperial Stout. Dangerously drinkable. Decadent.
Ice Cream Pale - Sweet, creamy Ice Cream Pale Ale with the addiction of Lactose and Vanilla


Leaving the day job and university degrees behind and starting a brewery, Wasted Degrees have a passion for craft beer. They’re inspired by how craft beer is making its own rules, and are determined to create, collaborate and innovate their way through it.
We’ll be pouring:
Hazy IPA - Fermented on Voss Kveik yeast & dry hopped with Mosaic and Azacca. Deliciously clean, thick hazy yellow & pineapple, citrus and peach notes
BA Belgian Dark Ale - Aged for two months in a ex-Whisky Hogshead our Belgian Dark Ale marries together a rich, complex and sweet malt backbone with oak and spirit notes
Mango & Passionfruit Sour - Subtle, smooth and sessionable sour. Bright tropical fruits come to the fore and bring the perfect balance between sweet and sour.


Brew Co. has been on a journey of experimentation, collaboration and beer-to-beer improvement ever since 2017. Dig Brew is now working on a complete redevelopment of the building and rethinking its role in the wider community of Birmingham.
We’ll be pouring:
Studio Z presents: Waka/Jawaka – 100% British hopped DIPA 8.0%. New England style using Jester, Harlequin, Ernest and Olicana hops. Tropical fruit with an earthy/savoury background.
California – White Guava, Pineapple and Toasted Coconut Sour Smoothie Ale 5.2%. The guava is in the driving seat with the tart pineapple punching through intermittently.
Club Ink and Paint - Double Breakfast Stout with Dark Maple Syrup, Coconut and Cacao Nibs - 8%. A deep, dark, bitter stout that requires attention when drinking, with an extra thick body.
Oh No! It's Crime Fighter! – Citra and cryo Sabro DIPA 8.0. A smooth, chewy, big-hitting IPA made from Citra and Sabro. The Sabro brings all of the complex citrus and coconut we have come to expect from this hop variety and heavy Citra dump adds a sophisticated depth.


Nestled in the heart of Newcastle in an old victorian railway arch, Errant is a hidden gem in Newcastle's industrial playground. Tom and Martyn are brewers and beer lovers who have come together to create their own unique take on the beers they love.
We’ll be pouring:
Panda Funk - Pilsner malt merges with a small yet powerful dose of tropical Ekuanot dry-hop in this refreshing lager. Easy drinking, full-bodied, a light bitterness and clean and crisp finish.
People are strange - Citra and Mosaic play across this juicy IPA which is fermented out to a super dry finish. Expect top notes of tropical fruit followed by a surprisingly dry end.
Disco lies - A grassy, piney mix of wonder C-hops Cascade, Chinook, and Columbus over pale malts brings a dry, resinous finish and pleasing lasting bitterness to this west coast IPA.
Clever Girl - Our beast of a Session IPA. Clever Girl showcases some of the best hop combinations the world has to offer and is the only beer we have available in keg year round. Expect big hits of juice and hop in every evolution.

Legitimate Industries

Legitimate Industries is a small-batch brewery based in Leeds. With offices from Pyongyang to Panama, and fuelled by our own entirely deregulated brewery, ‘Legitimate’ is a byword for business success.

We’ll be pouring:
- Identity theft - A complex and refreshing pale ale with US and NZ hops. Kettle-hopped with sweet hops for fruity flavours and dry-hopped with American hops giving citrus and pine aromas.
- Election Fraud - A juicy, hazy, quaffable pale ale. Packed with tropical hops and a creamy oat malt mouthfeel
- Drug Mule - A classic West Coast IPA with traditional piny hop character
- Concealed Weapon - An earthy, spicy rye malt backbone support banana notes from the Belgian yeast, and tropical fruit notes from US and NZ hops. Tart pineapple juice is balanced with lactose sweetness.

Burnt Mill

Burnt Mill is a new brewing project focused on producing fresh, unfiltered beers from their brewhouse on a Suffolk farm.

We’ll be pouring:
- Green Path – A West Coast leaning IPA with tropical fruit aromatics from Citra & Mosaic hops that are supported by a stripped back malt profile. Low bitterness and a dry finish.
- Reflections Amarillo –This West Coast inspired IPA showcases Amarillo hops from both the US & Germany, highlighting and celebrating the diversity in taste and aroma from a single varietal grown over two continents.
- The Pieces Fit – An American IPA. Super Pale, chit & oats give a soft, smooth base and a platform for a whirlpool charge of Lemondrop, followed by a dry hop schedule of BRU-1, Sultana & Sabro giving tropical fruit aromas.
- Gardens of Green – Gardens of Green is a dual hop IPA series. Classic and brand new hops are paired to create an IPA overflowing with citrus, peach, pine & passionfruit.

Triple Point

Triple Point Brewing Ltd was founded in November 2018 when beer enthusiasts Mike Brook, an and his son George bought a “re-possessed” brewing plant and recruited an experienced brewing team to help them make it a success.

We’ll be pouring:
- 207º - Due West. Big, Bold, Citrus, Hop Forward. Heading for Sunset. With a big old bitter kick to the solar-plexus.
- Debut - Juicy, hazy, punchy, yet quenching IPA. Bursting with Passionfruit, Mango, Blueberry and Citrus Aromas.
- Galaxy - Other-worldly flavours, intergalactic possibilites. Our sultry Czech, boldly hopped with Galaxy, Rakau, Ekuanot and Simcoe. A tropical passionfruit voyage.
- Cryo - Hazy Fruit Bomb, Super-smooth due to rye, wheat & oats. Heavily hopped, but low bitterness. Heaps of mango, papaya, lychee and citrus aroma. Niiiice!

New Bristol

New Bristol Brewery is a small, but daring, brewery located slap bang in the middle of Bristol. Owned and operated by Noel and Maria a husband and wife team. New Bristol Brewery aims to bring people together over great beer.

We’ll be pouring:
- We are all stardust - Big juicy American hops give this beer its tropical, stone-fruit aromas. Soft & pillowy in texture, a real smooth operator. Vegan Friendly.
- Wonderland - We've retained lots of flavour and a silky-smooth texture in this Vermont Style IPA with a nice low ABV. A mild bitterness and big juicy blast - refresh with Wonderland! Contains Lactose.
- Summacrush - A delicious, juicy, hazy session IPA using only Galaxy hops. Notes of citrus, passionfruit, peach and pineapple aromatics. Very more'ish - you'll be wanting to crush it all Summer!
- Boogie Below - Enticingly hazy and soft gold in appearance, the nose erupts with strong citrus, passionfruit, peach and pineapple aromatics. Pillowy soft mouthfeel, with a restrained bitterness on the finish and notes of Vanilla. Balanced, smooth and very sessionable.


Their unique style is based around forging balanced, complex beers inspired by the incredible ingredients around them every day from foraging in Epping forest to collaborating with local coffee roasters and chefs.

We’ll be pouring:
- Krankie - Rich traditional malt bill gives you all the caramel sweetness you’d expect from the soft drink, then a natural souring process gives you the tang, that’s then followed by the unmistakable flavour of the Scottish classic.
- Tume Tuyu - A cherry and huckleberry saison, a crisp refreshing saison with loads of bright spicey esters from the saison backing up the almond cherry aroma and plenty of tart finish from the huckleberries.
- Skooshy - Crisp refreshing IPA with a nice bitter finish to keep your palette coming back for more. Classic hop line of Amarillo, Cascade, Simcoe and Citra, give notes of grapefruit, pine, melon and orange peel.

Two Tribes

Inspired by BEER + MUSIC + ART, Two Tribes brings like-minded creatives together through the brewing process. An independent brewery based in Tileyard Studios in King’s Cross, London, their small, passionate team get beer across London and beyond.

We’ll be pouring:
- Metroland - Light bodied session IPA with guava and pineapple plusa hoppy citrusy aroma of orange peel and papaya.
- Sugarcubes - A white beer fermented with Voss Kveikand Cashmere hops. Light with flavours of citrus and melon. A fluffy Pale!
- New Romantic - Lacings of pineapple and desiccated coconut create this beery version of a Pina Colada. Nose of coconut, tart mouth feel rounds with sweet pineapple
- Dancer Idaho 7 - Made for sunshine. IDAHO 7, CITRA and AMARILLO hops produce flavours of melon, peach, papaya and citrus.

Twisted Barrel

Twisted Barrel Ale exploded onto the Coventry beer scene on 29th March 2014.

We’ll be pouring:
- Gose Town - A tart, salty kettle sour brewed with huge quantities of raspberry, cranberry and strawberry puree. Thick, juicy body, with a subtle salty finish from the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.
- Glitterstim - A Belgian Pale Ale, brewed to be light and refreshing with a spicy, funky nose and delicious lemongrass flavour.
- Pixel Juice - A modern pale ale, heavily hopped with Citra and Sultana for a tropical flavour full of mango, grapefruit and pineapple.
- Hoping for some romance - A juicy American Pale Ale, brewed with Super Pale, Wheat and Cara Pils, heavily hopped with Amarillo and Sultana for a tangerine citrus, pine and pineapple flavour profile.

Green Duck

Green Duck Brew Co is owned and ran by 3 friends in Stourbridge, West Mids. Focussed on producing balanced sessionable beer in a variety of styles in keg and cask.

We’ll be pouring:
- Remedy - A stunning session IPA combining British Maris otter malt with American mosaic and simcoe in a riot of blueberry, tangerine, papaya and stone fruit.
- Seismic - Big roast and coffee notes with flavours of chocolate and malted biscuit.
- Kings Table - Low Strength session beer jam packed with Citra. Big tropical and citrus notes.
- Fantasia - Big pithy orange notes from fresh zest additions backed up by Mt Hood & Amarillo Hops.


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