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  • To claim a voucher code, a person, “Entrant”, needs to sign up at and enter their email address into the form. By submitting the form, the Entrant confirms that they allow BrewDog to email a voucher code to their email address.
  • Voucher codes can be used to claim either a schooner (2/3 pint) of BrewDog draught Punk IPA or Punk AF, the “Offer”, and cannot be used to claim any other product, including can or bottle formats of either product.
  • Voucher codes can be claimed between 09:00 BST Thursday 23rd April and 23:59 BST Tuesday 30th June, the “Claim Period”.
  • Upon closure of the voucher Claim Period, as stated above, BrewDog will email all Entrants with a unique QR voucher code via the email address they submitted.
  • BrewDog reserve the right to alter the Claim Period at their discretion, but this shall not affect the duration of the Redemption Period
  • Only one voucher code will be sent out per email address, and voucher codes are single use only. 
  • To redeem the free schooner of BrewDog Punk IPA or Punk AF, the Entrant must take the QR voucher code into a participating BrewDog bar and present to a member of BrewDog staff to be scanned.
  • In BrewDog bars outside of the UK, to redeem the free beer the Entrant must present voucher code into a participating BrewDog bar and present to a member of BrewDog staff to be documented.
  • BrewDog bars in the following countries are participating in the Offer: UK, USA, Germany, Ireland, France and Spain.
  • The free schooner of BrewDog Punk IPA or AF must be enjoyed in the BrewDog bar, and it not available to takeaway.
  • Voucher codes can only be used in BrewDog bars. Please see the full list of BrewDog bars here.
  • Entrants must be 18 years of age in the UK, and of the legal drinking age in other markets that the Offer is available, in order to participate in the Offer. 
  • Entrants will have 2 weeks, “Redemption Period”, to redeem their free schooner of Punk IPA or Punk AF from the Redemption Date. The Redemption Date will be set by BrewDog upon BrewDog receiving confirmation that BrewDog bars can re-open after state-sanctioned lockdown due to the global pandemic.
  • BrewDog reserve the right to close the Redemption Period before the stated closure, as well as extend the Redemption Period after the stated closure.
  • The Offer is not valid for BrewDog staff.