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Our mission is one of bold simplicity – to create the absolute best Scotch whisky imaginable.

A daunting task, most would agree, however one which we’re well equipped to master. In our distillery we have been patiently conjuring, building understanding, and dissecting every facet of our whisky creation process, pinpointing the origins of flavour, and reimagining them through influence of our knowledge and an insatiable need to innovate.

We want to change the way we view, consume and value Scotch whisky.

This is why we’ve been relentless in our discovery, from grain to mashing, fermentation to distillation and finally casking and maturation. The intricacy of where flavour is created has been considered at every stage. Making purposeful decisions like, only using golden promise barley, mash filtering, using intricate blends of yeast strains, triple bubble distilling and controlling the humidity of our maturation warehouses. These small incremental differences add up to something special.

Our venture into the world of flavour in whisky has led our team of distillers under the stewardship of our Master Distiller, Steven Kersley, to experiment like zealots to the cause. Our unrelenting want to understand and expand, informs us, drives us and the best part, we’re just getting started.

We invite you to join us as we realise our vision.

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View the Prospectus to get an idea of the benefits of cask ownership and what you might expect from future sales.

Prospectus updated on 08/11/2023

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Previous Auction Results

We sold all 50 casks from our first auction, with prices attained much higher than the estimates, going for almost  £400k in total. Browse the auction results of our whisky sales.