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Wings Wednesday - Unlimited Wings

Bottomless Hot Wings. Every Wednesday. Just 249kr Per Person.

Love buffalo hot wings? Every Wednesday, book in to enjoy all you can eat, unlimited wings, just 249kr per person at our Swedish bars.

Choose from our chicken or cauliflower wings, then choose your flavour from our infamous buffalo sauce, BBQ hot & smokey sauce, or chives & garlic butter.

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Chicken Wings

Crispy chicken wings, with a choice of our awesome flavours for the ultimate wing experience. From the heat of our infamous buffalo hot sauce, to the smoke and heat of our BBQ sauce, to the milder chive & garlic butter.

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Cauliflower Wings

Coated in beer batter, these cauliflower wings are perfect if you're looking for a vegetarian option with all the flavour choice of our chicken wings, with a vegan hot sauce, BBQ smoke sauce and chives & garlic butter all available.

The Official Leaderboard

We're on the hunt to find the biggest wing-lover in the land, every week our top performers will be added to our global leaderboard for their chance to be crowned the Wings Wednesday champion.