#MashTag 2014
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#MashTag 2014

Style Amber / Red Ale ABV 9%

  • 330ml Bottle £2.70

  • 3 x 330ml Bottles £8.00

  • 6 x 330ml Bottles £15.50

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#Mashtag 2014 - a beer for the people, by the people.

The #Mashtag concept is simple. We invited the public to vote on each aspect of the brew, from hops to malt to the special twist and even the label design, and from the thousands of possibilities this presented, the result is an imperial red ale, brewed with copious speciality malts, a global blend of hops, and blood orange, lemon peel and orange peel.

On the nose, there’s a riot of citrus, in many forms, from orange pith to lemon zest, via lime juice and even lemongrass. Fresh, bright resinous notes blend with light toasty malt aromas.

The palate is intense with toffee, with tiny hints of tobacco smoke coming through in little bursts, but the star attraction is an all-out bitter orange avalanche. A slightly psychotic, orange-that-thinks-it’s-a-grapefruit character builds upon and intensifies the hop bitterness, squaring up against the rich sweet malt base. The result is a huge red ale with a drinkable quality you’d expect in a beer half this strength. 

Extra Pale, Cara, Crystal & Black
Amarillo, Motueka & Mittelfrüh
Infused with blood orange, orange peel and lemon peel