Beer excels when due consideration is given to context. Great beer is just that, but being a transitory medium it truly shines when given the ideal surrounds – whether that be of location, company, glassware, or state of mind.

And also in that list; time of year.

Our range of seasonal beers has been determined by embracing the optimal style for the passage of time. As the calendar progresses, this sequence of uncompromising beers will be released in turn; staying true to the cyclical nature of beermaking, whilst providing true context for each.

January – March Arcade Nation

This black IPA balances resinous pine, mango and a roasty coffee edge - it's IPA with a wintery twist.

April - June Hop Fiction 

Our American Pale Ale bursts with tropical and citrus hoppy aromas. Bright, fresh  character explodes from this seasonal brew.

July - September Electric India

Long golden summer evenings are reflected in this vibrant hoppy saison, loaded with lemon and spicy aromas.

October - December Candy Kaiser

As the evenings become cooler, the shadows more time-consuming, beer needs to be toasty, warming. Candy Kaiser is rich, coppery and moreish; the ideal midwinter exodus.