We adore beer. It’s that simple. But our obsession isn't handcuffed to tradition or constrained by convention. Our art is experimentation.

As well as brewing our Headliner classics like Punk IPA and 5AM Saint we love experimenting with new techniques and ideas; reinventing the art and science behind brewing in the process.

If we want to condition a beer at the bottom of the ocean; we will. If we want to ferment a beer at -20°c for three weeks; we will. If we want to brew the world's strongest beer; screw it, we will. We are determined to challenge people's perceptions of what beer is and how it can be enjoyed.

Our Small batch selections take the boundaries of beer to a whole new level – leaving their namesakes confused and agog at the potential they could have reached if they’d just challenged their inner weirdo.

Watch the blog, our bars and our online shop for the chance to purchase our small-batch beers.