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The World F*Cup

Yes, you read that right. This wasn't a World Cup. It was a World F*Cup. Football was dragged through the mud, before a single ball was even kicked. Let's be honest: Qatar won it through bribery. On an industrial scale.

Football is meant to be for everyone. But in Qatar, homosexuality is illegal, flogging is an accepted form of punishment, and it's OK for 6,500 workers to die building your stadium. That's why we kicked off. And we're putting our money where our mouth is, with all the profits from our Lost Lager sold during the tournament going to fight human rights abuse.

We were proud to launch BrewDog as an anti-sponsor of the World F*Cup. To be clear we love football, we just don't love corruption, abuse and death. So thank you to those who joined us. To raise a glass to the players. To the fans. To free speech. And two fingers to anyone who thought a World Cup in Qatar made sense.


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Our officially unofficial beers from the proud Anti-Sponsor of the World F*Cup. We love football & beer… we hated the fact the tournament was in Qatar. That’s why all revenue (not profits – ALL revenue) from sales of these special World F*Cup cans will go to human rights charities fighting injustice.

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It might have been a World F*Cup – but that didn't stop you from enjoying the ACTUAL on-pitch action. So we encouraged you to watch the live games at ours, the official Anti-Sponsors. Big screen, big atmosphere. And with all profits from our Lost Lager going to fight human rights abuses, it was the perfect place to show your love for the game… and your anger at who happens to be hosting it.

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Fighting Human Rights Abuse

We like putting our money where our mouth is. In this case we will be donating 100% of the profits from every Lost Lager sold during the tournament to registered charities that demonstrably and directly help those who have been affected by human rights injustices and violations in Qatar.