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Bad Beer Vodka Vanilla & Marshmallow

Bad Beer Vodka Vanilla & Marshmallow


At BrewDog we brew bold, flavourful beer without compromise. But the brewing process does not always go according to plan. Historically when that beer does not pass our extensive quality tests it would have been disposed of and we would have added to the world's waste problem.


Not anymore.


We take this ‘Bad Beer’ and run it through our bespoke triple-bubble still. The triple-bubble still maximises contact with the evaporated liquid and ensures we get a really concentrated spirit. Once it has passed through our triple-bubble still it enters our 20-meter-tall rectification column. It is the tallest one in Europe for any craft distillery! This means only the very purest spirit get to the top.


To top it off, we have added some caramelised marshmallow and Madagascan vanilla flavourings. Combined they create a super tasty, super smooth vodka. Perfect if you want something a little different when those cold nights roll in.


From unloved, unwanted Bad Beer to a vodka of unrivalled smoothness and purity.


Our Bad Beer Vodka helps reduce waste, is better for the planet and tastes great.